How-To Draw the Animated Nexus!

How to Draw the Animated Nexus from master comic book artist Steve Rude compiled while producing his Animated short.

MOCKUP – Book will have royal blue spiral binding, clear plastic cover and royal blue vinyl backing.

How-To Draw the Animated Nexus – Now in COLOR

If you think you’re seeing double, relax. This volume of How-to draw Nexus was first published in 2006, as a way to promote my longtime goal of seeing Nexus as an animated series.

With this new expanded edition, along with its modified title of How-to draw the animated Nexus, you’ll see many of the same model sheets from the previous volume, now in color, with added comments as to their creation, the same spiral-bound format to make drawing from it easier, and the many new additions fresh off the animation table. With so much added to realize my one-day goal of a Nexus animated series, we thought a new expanded edition would be the way to go.

To date, there is no TV series. And if there ever is…? My two minutes of completed animation along with model sheets, layouts, and storyboards contained in this book would certainly be the blueprint for it.

Ever forward,

Steve Rude

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