How Old Do You Have to Be to Go to a Casino in Canada

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As you may already know, Canada is one of the leading countries in online entertainment. The country has a rich and long gambling history, which makes it all the more promising for new casino players to have a good time – bit it in a land-based casino or the top online casinos in Canada, which you can instantly access in 2021.

With such a great offer on the table, some people end up asking themselves when they can start playing and others with whom they are going to be playing at let’s say a roulette or blackjack table.

Well, the Great White North is a pretty vast territory, which can be confusing when it comes to the legal ages. Here’s what you need to know about the minimum age for playing casino games in Canada.

Two Minimum Ages: 18 and 19

Although most countries around the world have only one legal age, be it for drinking or gambling, Canada has two. Therefore, the minimum age limit for playing real money casino games is 18 or 19 depending on the province. For example, in Quebec it is 18 years old, as well as in Alberta and Manitoba. In other Canadian provinces and regions, the minimum age is 19.

What is the Minimum Age to Play Online Casino Games?

The age limit for playing online casino games is the same as for land-based casinos in every Canadian province. Bear in mind that in Canada, the legal limit for entering a casino is the same as the limit for drinking alcohol.

This principle is applied throughout Canada. In other words, you must be of legal age to consume alcohol or to gamble at a casino in Canada, and that’s final.

List by Province – Minimum Age Limit

To give you a better insight towards the different legal ages, here’s a full list with each of the provinces:

Province Minimum Age Limit
Alberta 18
British Columbia 19
Prince Edward Island 19
Labrador 19
Manitoba 18
New Brunswick 19
Nova Scotia 19
Ontario 19
Quebec 18
Saskatchewan 19
Newfoundland 19
Yukon 19

As you can see, the legal age to be considered an adult in Canada varies depending on which province you live in. The legal age for casino gambling is the same as for alcohol consumption. Any place that has casino games or liquor outlets has an obligation to check the age of consumers if there is any doubt about the age of the customers.

Do Online Casinos Check the Minimum Age Limit?

Yes, they do. However, this is not done during the online registration process if you choose a casino that is certified in Kahnawake or outside of Canada. With online casinos, in general, the age of the players is verified when they submit the official documents required by the Canadian online casinos. These documents are a scanned copy of the passport and a copy of a recent document with the exact address of the player. This ensures a safe environment, that protects Canadian casino players and respects the general gambling laws.

Canadian Casinos – Security and Controls

Talking about protection, access for example to the Montreal Casino or any other casino in Canada is secure. Casino security personnel are in charge of age control of persons entering the gaming areas. Minors are not permitted to gamble in these areas. Even if a minor is accompanied by an adult, the law prohibits it. This law is enforced at the Casino de Montréal, as well as in all other Canadian casinos.

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