How Much Do You Tip an Exorcist? Comes to Source Point Press

How Much Do You Tip an Exorcist is a new book from Source Point Press releasing Tuesday, August 18th.

This horror/comedy is written by Patrick Rahall and illustrated by Jeanette Andromeda, and available to preorder from now.

Author Patrick Rahall delivers horror and hilarity with this unique collection of flash fiction. It collects short stories, poems, and over features 40 illustrations.

“This book is incredibly clever”, says Art Director Joshua Werner, and it’s just gross, scary, and funny enough to fit perfectly in our line of publications. It’ll have you pondering exorcism etiquette, how to fit a corpse into a suitcase, how to live with the worst superpowers imaginable, and what the movie Crabtastrophe would be like if it existed. He adds and Jeanette’s haunting illustrations take this book to the next level.

Rahall says the collection was eight years in the making and is excited for people to get their hands on it. I hope to entertain folks in what has become a bleak time in our history, he says.

“If you’re a horror fan or someone who enjoys a darker side of pop culture, you’re going to enjoy this enough to read it several times”, says Source Point Press Editor-In-Chief Travis McIntire. You can expect vampires, werewolves, zombies, and haikus. While it’s perfectly at home amongst our line of novels and prose, it’s not quite like anything else we’ve seen. And I mean that in the best way.

Source Point Press is a division of Ox Eye Media, publishing books, comics, and graphic novels. How Much Do You Tip an Exorcist? Is available to pre-order at and will release Tuesday, August 18th.

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