How Live Casino Games Function in Norway?

Norway takes betting seriously, with lots of regulations guiding both gamblers and casinos. Unlike other countries, the evolution of gaming has also affected live casino games in Norway with the latest trending features. A lot of mobile casino Norway have also emerged with the purpose of promoting mobile gambling.

Live casino games can be played at the comfort of your home in Norway with smart glasses that will boost your playing experience with eye-catching visuals. The live casino games give games the ability to enjoy real-life gaming activities right from their home. You can also interact with live dealers and other participants at the virtual table game while placing your stakes. Unlike other types of casino games, the live casino games bring all the gaming fun closer to any Norwegian gambler.

In Norway, it’s hard to see local casinos because of the fact that gambling is illegal. Being the main reason, the Norwegian residents are subjected to gambling through Norsk casino online. So, almost all gamblers in Norway make use of online casino sites like Norske Bettingsider to play their favorite casino games.

There are tons of online casinos that grant Norwegian players access to their favorite casino games. Even though the Norwegian government-regulated local gambling to residents. Offshore gambling is still active for gamblers to play live casino games at the best online casinos. However, one thing that any resident should ensure is playing from a regulated online live casino with a certified license in the gambling industry.

As the Norwegian government has restricted betting in Norway, ensuring that online casinos you use are regulated will save you from losing funds. There is no organization in Norway that will help you if you encounter any trouble gambling with offshore online betting companies.

Playing with Licensed and Certified Online Casinos

According to Nina Olsenberg’s view as an expert here, a Norway resident, playing with licensed and certified online casinos will be an option for avoiding loss of funds. There are tons of online casinos in Norway or its neighboring countries Denmark and Sweden. If possible, research for online casinos that are under the authority of either Sweden or Denmark with a license from the Malta Gaming Authority.

The Malta Gaming Authority ensures that the online casino is associated with the gaming sector in Malta. The obtained license ensures that the online casino Norsk is abiding by the rules and regulations of keeping your information safe. Another thing to ensure is the certification of the online casino to a reputable organization like eCOGRA.

It’s the duty of this company to regularly ensure that the online casino industry is abiding by its rule of strict regulations. Before any online casino will be certified by agencies such as eCOGRA, they must prove that ensuring the safety of user’s data is their top priority, along with agreeing to other elementary rules.

Norway Restriction in Performing Gambling Transactions

It’s not a new thing that most banks in Norway don’t allow account holders to perform transactions related to gambling. This means that depositing and withdrawing to a Norwegian bank account is restricted. However, residents who gamble online can make use of eWallet in funding their online casino accounts. There are several eWallet to make use of depending on what you are comfortable with.

Some of these eWallets might require document verification before allowing you to process a certain amount of funds. So, it’s best to evaluate the payment method of any online casino platform at the initial stage of registration.


The live casino games function helps Norwegian residents to enjoy an improved gaming experience irrespective of the government restriction on betting and lotteries.

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