How Comics Are Being Used in the Mobile Gaming Industry

Almost everyone nowadays has a mobile phone. This handy device has revolutionized the way we keep in touch with each other and conduct business. So, it was only natural that the gaming industry was going to note the many possibilities offered by mobile devices to their business. Unlike the traditional gaming that was done in gaming houses, with a mobile device, you can play on the go and also decide how much privacy you want in your playing experience.

For a long time, comics have been a magnet for the young and the young at heart. The superhumans within them appeal to the human need for role models and heroes. Faced with seemingly invincible odds and hellishly powerful adversaries, the hero always gets to defeat his adversary.

Most adults will remember looking forward to the weekly or even daily comic strip that was often delivered in the mail. Following the exploits of your favorite hero was a pleasure many a child looked forward to. Indeed, many young people belonged to superhero fan clubs and had collections of comic strips.

This narrative of facing great odds and coming out on top triggers the release of endorphins (the feel-good hormones) in the brain. Not only do we admire those that are stronger, faster, and more talented than we are, we also aspire to emulate them and share in their glory.

Growing up, many youngsters were familiar with the faces of the superheroes in comics. From lone ranger superheroes such as Iron Man to groups such as The Fantastic Four, most adults have superstars whose exploits they remember with nostalgia. Gaming companies are now tapping on those memories to ply their trade.

It has always been a matter of when and not if for the gaming industry to latch onto the hero narrative. It has already been established that winning is pleasurable and that pleasure is addictive.  Keeping this in mind, gaming companies have exploited the world of superheroes to market their craft.

Technology and Comics

With the rapid expansion of technology, the entertainment industry has not been left behind. The superhero genre has largely moved away from its paper-based home of the ‘80s and ‘70s to the modern-day LCD screen. This has created a much more sleek and relatable superhero. With the use of animation and life-like graphics, today’s comic industry has meshed with the film industry for truly great content.

Marvel Comics have animated their well-known heroes such as Spiderman and Hulk amidst others. Such superhero clips can be uploaded onto various gaming machines to enrich the gaming experience of punters. By seeing their childhood superheroes triumph on the machine’s screen, the gamer will also have an increased urge to win big through the power of association.

Slot Machines and Super Heroes

Slot machines have a highly interactive interface. Punters are not only bombarded with images, some of which are action-packed, but music can also be played in the background. When using comic-based characters, the machines are often programmed to play the theme song that is used in the movies for that particular superhero.

With the superior technological abilities of modern mobile devices, the capabilities of the in-house slot machine can easily be replicated in the hand-held modern device. This is the reason why serious online slots casinos will ensure that their customers can access their services through their mobile platforms. After all, the devices are always within reach and do not have to observe gaming hours that might apply in a building housing the casino.


In conclusion, the inclusion of the comic genre in modern gaming has been revolutionized the way bettors enjoy their game. Not only do they have greater choices afforded by technology but they get to once again interact with the superheroes of their childhood.

The elements of nostalgia, the rush of adrenaline as your hero battles an adversary, and doing all these in a background of familiar theme songs and on-screen heroic action is hard to beat. All these coupled with the flood of endorphins when a win is achieved have taken the gaming experience to a whole new level. You can expect to see more of your childhood comics in mobile games in the future as it has now become a trend. What is your favorite comic and have you seen it in any mobile game?

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