Have you ever noticed just how much comic art influences the world around us? It’s not just in comic books that we find it. Everywhere from ads to TV programmes and sales promotions to the posters we put on our walls, we see the bright primary colours and the bold strokes of the comic artist.

No doubt psychologists would be able to give us a number of reasons for the popularity of the genre. Maybe it speaks to our inner child, or perhaps the simple designs and striking colours are easily hard-wired into our brains.

It’s also a style that’s gone on to influence “proper” artists, especially in the 1960s with people like Roy Lichtenstein using not just the bold imagery but also the big-print dots to very dramatic effect. Then there are the comic-book characters themselves, which advertisers have used to sell and promote products. In one of the most bizarre examples of recent years, this was turned on its head in the Power Rangers 2017 film when a whole scene was shot in a Krispy Crème store – taking product placement to a whole new level. Funnily enough, this link-up hasn’t made it into their official 2018 annual!

Another brand that’s made extensive use of cartoon characters is McDonalds. From the long standing use of Ronald McDonald and his arch enemy the Hamburglar to more recent promotions, the bright colours of comic art have also perfectly matched the brand’s own extensive use of vibrant yellows and reds. More recently, they’ve also revived their Monopoly promotion which is fronted by a cartoon-style character that helps to get across the fun element of the game while also harking back to a childhood favourite.

How to draw players to the online casino

Bright colours and comic-book characters can help engage online gamblers like never before

Of course, this is all very good news for any artists with aspirations to become expert at comic book art as there will always be plenty of opportunities to use their skills as illustrators – not just in comic books themselves but in all kinds of different fields, too.

One of the more unusual areas, and also one of the most unexpected, that comic art has found a great outlet is in the world of online gambling. And with more and more sites springing up and aiming to appeal to an ever-wider target audience, this trend is set to continue.

Just like with the McDonalds use of cartoon art to express a feeling of fun and enjoyment, the same is very definitely true for online gaming sites, where carefree leisure and an escape from the every day are what players are looking for.

Slots games, in particular, tend to rely heavily on comic book imagery to appeal to players. And it’s quite clear why. The whole point of a slot is to provide an exciting time for the player – and the use of big, bold images and bright colours contributes towards this. The spinning reels also usually feature a number of iconic and related symbols which can also appear in a comic-book style, creating the feeling that it’s a complete and enclosed world in which the player can become immersed.

Tour the slots of any online gaming site and you’ll see the design can work across different genres. For example, you’ll find every kind of comic book character represented, from lucky Irish leprechauns to hard bitten 1940s private eyes in the style of Mike Hammer, as well as horror favourites like Dracula and ancient gods like Zeus. What’s more, each one of them will give the slot in which they’re featured a unique character and tone.

Slots inspired by comics

Some slots go even further than this and actually use real comic-book characters as their source, with the publisher’s or film studio’s full approval. This is hardly surprising, with all the other general merchandising that exists around comic books and films and which can range from T-shirts and action figures to video games. Marvel Comics have been particularly active in this field, and you won’t have to look very far to find slots featuring Iron Man, Spiderman and the Fantastic Four.

Nor will it be a very big surprise if others soon start to appear to coincide with the release of Avengers: Infinity War targeted at the sorts of fans who want to know everything about the movie as well as to play the slot. Where games have a movie tie-in, clips and sound effects from the film can make it an even more exciting experience.

One online gambling site that has made its links to comic book imagery even closer is Wink Bingo. It’s made extensive use of it in a recent redesign of its website, creating a place to play that looks completely unique in its sector – and stands out from all competitors. The moment you visit the site you’re met with the striking imagery and bright colours that say, straight away, that this is a fun and welcoming place to be. It’s also proved to be a great way to give a shout out to the many bonuses and offers that are available to players and to make sure that no-one can miss them. Check out Wink Bingo now and you’ll see what we mean.

What next?

Virtual Reality gambling may not be too distant a prospect

Looking ahead, the next step forward for online gambling and comic art could be even more immersive. Many people are predicting that virtual reality is going to be the next leap forward for the sector. If it is, then players could even find themselves entering the worlds of their cartoon heroes and that would surely be a real game changer. So, although the comic book as a phenomenon may be over 180 years old, it would definitely seem it still has a bright future ahead of it, not leas

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