LOS ANGELES, CA – FEBRUARY 5TH 2021 – Comic Book saga Hot Valley Days and Cocaine Nights will conclude its epic 3-part debut saga this March from Antarctic Press. Created by Comic Creator/Writer Matthew Spradlin (Indie Comic Bad Kids Go To Hell) and Producer/Writer Sean E. DeMott (Owner of Execution Style Entertainment  and producer of Devil’s Carnival, Crow’s Blood), and based on a True Story,  it tells the story of Janie, a 15-year-old street-wise product of absentee parents and a sexually predatory grandfather, who hitchhiked her way from Ohio to Los Angeles hoping to put her past behind her. Janie found her way into Hollywood’s 80’s metal scene madness, selling cocaine at clubs on the Sunset Strip and the Valley to high powered rock stars, record executives, and the Hollywood Elite. Hot Valley Days and Cocaine Nights tells Janie’s story as she parts ways with her Columbian connections and through flashbacks show what brought this small-town girl to LA and how she earned her big-city drug dealer status. Everywhere she went, Janie was once the life of the party. But now, powerful people in the entertainment business, the Feds, and even her own crew members have other plans for Janie before she leaves the business.

“This project is infused with the best parts of a strong female character driven ‘Grand Theft Auto’ style game, while also bringing together the best aspects of great films like Boogie Nights and BLOW. We can’t wait for readers to see how Janie’s story concludes and for new people to discover the first two issues!” Said co-creator and producer Sean E. DeMott

”Janie displays total courage and heart and you’re rooting for her the whole time on this insane ride. We can’t wait for people to discover her story!” said Creator and writer Matthew Spradlin

The first 2 issues released in late 2020 have become collectors’ items with individual issues selling for large amounts in the secondary market. Don’t miss out on the final issue this March!!

Hot Valley Days Issue #3 – March 2021

In the conclusion to this 3-part saga based on a True Story, Janie must finally confront her cartel connection to tell them she is leaving the business and face that decision’s consequences. Concurrently, the dominos begin to fall quickly on their whole operation, as the Feds begin to mop up all the members of her crew. It is quickly realized that someone in her crew is a rat! Will Janie, Erik and her brother Jimmy make it out of the 1980s alive? Or at the very least, with their sanity intact? Sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll isn’t always pretty. All good things must come to an end, and 1990 is coming on like a hurricane!

ART: Farid Karami, Andrew Crossley, and Archie Van Buren

WRITTEN BY: Matthew Spradlin

STORY BY: Sean E. DeMott & Matthew Spradlin

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