How Useful Is ExamDumps’ Website in Preparing for Oracle 1Z0-808 Certification Exam?

Any Oracle certification secures the position of its holder, an IT-professional in their organization. Global companies are looking for candidates able to prove their high-quality abilities and make a difference in the sphere of, take programmability. A certification obtained bypassing one of these hardware and software corporation’s exams gives your future employer the trust in the proper expertise and ability to bring value to their business.

Thus, Pass 1Z0-808 qualifying exam is your must-have to obtain Java SE 8 Programmer badge of the associate level issued by Oracle. This credential will help you seize the ground knowledge of Java programming language and demonstrate the necessary skills to rise to the next professional level and become a fully competent developer in the subject.

How to Obtain Java SE 8 Programmer Certification?

There are two stages to be performed to become an OCA, Java SE 8 Programmer:

  1. Follow Java SE 8 training sessions for newbies and middle levels, together with gaining practical experience of Java.
  2. Successfully pass 1Z0-808 exam and become a certified Java SE 8 programmer.

Here, 1Z0-808 exam comes with a set of 70 multiple-choice items. This means that each question has more than one valid answer. Further, the exam will last for 2 hours 30 minutes with an eligible passing score of 65%. The exam’s price is $245, however, you will discover more by consulting the Certification Candidate Agreement on the testing day.

There are various topics that candidates will have to show prowess in. Thus, if you want to take the Java SE 8 Programmer I exam (1Z0-808), so-appreciated by HRs, you should become proficient in the following topics:

  • Java Basics – candidates here need to hold the expertise in defining the structure of Java class and the variables’ scope, as well as creating valid Java applications. It’s also important to focus on how to import other Java packages to make them compatible with your code and be able to match the programming language’ features and components to each other.
  • Java Data Types – applicants are required to show enough experience in declaring and initializing Java variables. Knowing how to explain an object’s lifecycle or differentiating between object references will also be a plus.
  • Using and comparing loop constructs
  • Knowledge of working with inheritance and the ability to determine when casting is essential
  • The expertise of the work with chosen Java API classes. For instance, you should prove your knowledge of the StringBuilder class and comprehension of creating and manipulating Strings, as well as utilizing an ArrayList of a particular type.
  • Ability to work with methods with arguments and apply encapsulation
  • Creating and using one- or multi-dimensional arrays
  • Efficiently handling exceptions whenever they occur

Suggested Study Formats for Java SE 8 Programming Certificate

Training for passing the Oracle 1Z0-808 exam will help you become a certified Java SE 8 Programmer. There are multiple training formats that you can choose from: individual study courses, live virtual classes, on-demand training, enriched by learning in the class.

For instance, you can select on-demand learning that gives you access to an online platform within 90 days! In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Design apps using Java and JDK technologies
  • Grow up object-oriented skills and determine language’s good practices to create a reliable Java application
  • Insert Lambda expressions in Java apps
  • Manipulate and store data, directories, and file systems
  • Use standard SQL queries to connect to databases through JDBC
  • Create multi-threaded applications which are also highly effective

In case you wish to enjoy studying with the Oracle University, you can attend the classes created for students who want to obtain OCA, Java SE 8 Programming certification. This option works best for those candidates who need an organized environment to help them learn. All you have to do is arrange your timetable in a way to attend the classes, be completely attentive, and schedule the appropriate class. Plus, you will enjoy the advantage that, in case you have a question, it’s easy to directly address it to the instructor and get an answer immediately.

Applicants with a hectic schedule who can’t attend the Oracle classes are suggested to try the live virtual courses. They can learn with live classes from anywhere in the world. As long as the internet connection is secure and works well, there will be no obstacles in attending the lessons. You can choose ten events, depending on your time zone and schedule. A live virtual class will last for five days, during which you will gain the necessary knowledge to pass the Java SE 8 Programmer exam successfully.

Candidates can consolidate the knowledge to a greater extent by accessing alternative training resources. By the way, PrepAway is a site specialized in offering verified preparation materials for candidates who want to successfully pass the Oracle 1Z0-808 exam and gain the valid Java SE 8 Programmer’s certification. With $24.99, you will have access to a set of verified exam dumps on all the exam topics. You will also benefit from the entailed option of downloading study tutorials that will help you consolidate the Java applications’ knowledge as well as the language necessary to obtain the required credential.

Alternatively, opt for Amazon credible literature such as learning guides for Java SE 8 Programmer certification authored by Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff, covering all OCA Java Programmer exam objectives and functional programming. Publications come in individual exam1Z0-808 analyze, and in several tests’ sets.


The OCA, Java SE 8 Programmer I training and certification is the first step to become a skilled specialist in using the world’s number one programming language. If you are proficient enough to pass the Oracle 1Z0-808 exam successfully, it will encompass your ability to reach for changes in any organization you would work for.

Preparation for this exam can be performed through the Oracle official web resource, where you will discover rich training alternatives. By complementing your training routine by the PrepAway-developed excellent resources, including exam dumps, you’ll increase the chances to win the Oracle 1Z0-808 exam! To register for the exam check the Pearson VUE website.

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