Holly’s work with Archie Comics!

My NEW Work with Archie Comics

And here are a few of MY secrets!

One I can show a bit of and the Other… Well, JUST that I have ANOTHER…lol I’ll have to check with my Editor, Mike at Archie, what I can share….but I’ll JUST gonna say SQWEEEE…for now-LOL

NOW-What I CAN share: Introducing CASSIE CLOUD!

I was invited by Archie to take all the ingredients that writer, Jamie Rotante, gave me in her script and character breakdown, and give this NEW character visual LIFE…AND I also penciled her very first story EVER! SQWEEEE!

Jim and I are SO excited to be creating all these new adventures and fun for you!

We both are so Grateful for your support : ) and wish you the very BEST coming Holidays…
Lady Holly!

Her head is in the Clouds but her feet are firm on the Earth!

Come and join the Valentine’s Dance with Cassie!

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