‘Hollow’ Shows Ichabod Crane Like Never Before   

Hollow is a new four-issue mini-series by Mick Beyers, published by Source Point Press, re-imagining the Legend of Sleepy Hollow as a much darker and more mature tale.

In Hollow, written and illustrated by Mick Beyers, Ichabod Crane is a warlock who has come to awaken the Old God sleeping beneath Sleepy Hollow! “The witch Katrina Van Tassel is forced to summon a Headless Horseman to protect Sleepy Hollow from the evil Ichabod Crane,” says Beyers.

“The artwork is in stark black and white,” says Art Director Joshua Werner, “which really fits with the vibe of the story. There is a fresh stylistic take on the visuals, while still keeping them familiar to the reader. We’re excited for horror fans to get their hands on this. This is definitely an Ichabod Crane that you’ve never seen before.”

Source Point Press is warning comic fans that this is not at all like the Disney take on the story, and there is mature content not suitable for kids. Though creator Mick Beyers does claim to have found inspiration in the Disney film. “There is a scene where Ichabod is eating dinner at one of the townspeople’s homes. It occurred to me, that guy is probably sleeping his way all the way through town!” This gave Beyers the idea that he could be viewed as a villain. “I started with the idea that he came in to this place, this community, and corrupted it.”

Hollow #1 is scheduled to hit comic shops June 24th, though some comic shops may face delays from Diamond distribution due to COVID-19. It is available to pre-order from the Source Point Press webstore and in your local comic shop with the Previews code APR202046. To find a comic book store near you, visit www.comicshoplocator.com.

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