Hold Onto Your Huggies … Diaperman Meets Milk #1

“HOLY CROSSOVER crisis!” That’s how the latest mature reader comic from the hilarious Michael McAdam starts. And in that cliché moment, you know exactly what you are in for—a hilarious and campy story from “That Funny Flight Attendant” you have seen on the Internet.

Michael McAdam
Michael McAdam

“Diaperman and his subby sidekick, Sleepers, are in for the ride of their lives as they cross dimensions to meet, for the very first time, Milk, the champion of the life goddess on an alternate earth!”

Diaperman Meets Milk #1 Cover
Diaperman Meets Milk #1 Cover

“The daily dangers of Megopolis are as nothing compared to the variety of villains that “Milkwaukee” offers! Rather than the Spanker or the Black Whip, Diaperman and Sleepers face off against Fatman, the Seaman, and femme fatale Tina!”

“They’re not alone, though, as they meet Milk—a heroine who stands for truth, justice, and fresh dairy!”

“Two worlds hang in the balance as the terrific trio pit themselves against the very personifications of destruction and chaos in the form of demons Argrax and Aermus!”

I mean, c’mon! The puns, one-liners, and innuendos abound. Michael’s writing deftly slices with a rapier wit and an irreverent sense of humour that brings a smile to my face with every page. Granted, this might not be a comic for everyone or all sensibilities, but if you like comedy similar to The Kids in the Hall you will get a kick  out of this book. Where else can you face a villainess named Tina and her “balloonacy?”

Art duties are handled by Jeremy Thew whose art style suits the material very well. The imagery is wonderfully silly, the heroes are suitably heroic, and the colours are bright and sassy. Again, this book might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if it is, you’ll be having it with a splash of Milk. Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun!

Two Gargoyles Comics has been producing comics since 1996. There isn’t a tonne of indie publishers out there that have been actively creating comics for over 25 years so check out the Two Gargoyles Comics website for details on purchasing their host of titles digitally or physical copies HERE

“MILKwaukee” *SNORT*

I’m still giggling!

Issue: Diaperman Meets Milk #1 | Publisher: Two Gargoyle Comics
Writer: Michael McAdam | Artist: Jeremy Thew | Letters: Michael McAdam

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