Hexy Holidays! Upcoming Raven Hex Project!!


Heya Guys!
I’ll be building the new campaign starting next week and we’r looking to launch in January 2022.
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What’s in this Graphic Novel….

Raven Hex takes on a young apprentice who’s arrogance and inpatients
sets her on a self destructive path! Meanwhile Tarot and the Skeleton Man,
come face to face with Tarot’s childhood nightmare… a skeletal headless horseman!
For the first time, this out of print story arc ( Issues 7, 8 &9) is collected this way, in a perfect bound trade!
Featuring Cover Art and Litho Gallery!
We’ll Have some exclusive Pledge Goodies as always and one of the most sort after and spellbinding tales of Raven Hex, that Jim has created!
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Hexy Holidays!

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