Hershey Comic Con to host Inkwell Awards in 2024

(New Bedford, MA – January, 26th, 2024) The Sweetest Comic Con on Earth, the Hershey Comic Con, will host the annual Inkwell Awardsceremony, set to take place on June 29th, 2024. This will be the first hosted show for the non-profit organization in five years.

Bob Almond, Inkwell Awards Founder and Director, and Joe Figured, Head Promoter of the Hershey Comic Con, have partnered to welcome the annual awards ceremony, “It didn’t take long for Joe and I to realize that we were on the exact same page about what we were looking for and a business relationship was formed,” shared Bob. Almond expressed the reality of various trials and tribulations experienced in the comic convention industry, “the convention community took a hit like every other business and not everyone survived,” … “I wanted to see shows gain strong footholds again, and knew that, eventually, things would improve, leading to more attendance invitations similar to pre-pandemic levels”.

With the resurgence of conventions across the country, the Inkwell Awards ceremony needed a new host, and the Hershey Comic Con graciously welcomed them. “It is an honor to be the new home of the Inkwell Awards. We feel that the awards recognize the best in the industry. We are delighted that we can accommodate Bob and his organization,” said Figured. The Inkwell Awards is the only official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and educate regarding the art form of comic-book inking, as well as annually recognize the best ink artists and their work. Established in 2008, the Inkwells are overseen by a volunteer committee of industry professionals and assisted by various professional ambassadors and contributors. They sponsor the Dave Simons Inkwell Memorial Scholarship Fund for the Kubert School and host the Joe Sinnott Hall of Fame Award. 100% of all fundraising proceeds go to the advocacy organization. (www.InkwellAwards.com)

The Hershey Comic Con brings together featured comic book artists, writers, celebrities, and fans-alike for a weekend of non-stop fun. “Our main focus with the Hershey Comic Con is to emphasize what makes this industry what it is: the comic book creators. Without the inspiration from comic book artists and writers, we would not see many stories go to film,” expressed John Covey, Assistant Promoter of the Hershey Comic Con, “The Inkwell Awards ceremony will highlight some of the best of the best”.

Following Saturday’s show, the Inkwell Awards ceremony will take place, consisting of several surprise, professional creators in attendance, guest speakers, and ballot award winners. Additionally, the late Joe Sinnott’s son, Mark, will present the lifetime achievement, Joe Sinnott Hall of Fame Award and a Q&A with the winners and speakers will wrap up the evening. This year’s Inkwell Award ballot winners will be announced following the online public voting this Spring, posted on the Inkwell’s website with an announcement to the press.

In addition to the awards ceremony, Bob, Ms. Inkwell (spokesmodel and hostess, Hailey Skaza-Gagne), and his team of volunteers will be exhibiting during the convention as well. Together, they will showcase Bob with his work, and the organization with their educational books and fundraising merchandise, ready to discuss the artform of inking.

More information regarding the ceremony, nominations and award recipients will also be published on the official Hershey Comic Con website in the coming months. Learn more about the Inkwell Awards at www.InkwellAwards.com and learn more about this year’s Hershey Comic Con at www.HersheyComicCon.weebly.com. The Hershey Comic Con is scheduled for June 29-30th, 2024 at the Holiday Inn – Harrisburg/Hershey Area in Grantville, PA.

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