Here Comes CALICO – MANGA Vol 1

Here Comes CALICO – Manga Vol 1


Hector Gil ends animal abuse. Permanently. Before he was The CALICO, Hector underwent many experiences that made him the man he is today. This immersive 200-page manga-style tankobon paperback book delves much deeper into Hector’s past, featuring two completely new stories, and retells the stories from Chapters (Issues) 1 and 2 of Here Comes CALICO with much more gritty detail, including brand new, never-before released scenes. The black and white manga volumes represent a more in-depth way to experience the story of The CALICO, and offers an excellent way for you to continue supporting our fight against animal abuse.

Pages in development.


Just like the colors of a Calico cat, Hector Gil, The CALICO, is ethnically black, white and brown, symbolic of the amazing diversity of New York City. He is a Dominican American from The Bronx, who lives in Brooklyn! Full and total representation is at the heart of this wonderful series, which also includes people of all different backgrounds. This adds for a truly immersive and realistic environment, which reveal the many  colorful flavors of NYC.

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