Helping Your Kids Learn Life Skills Through Comics

Research has found that comics are officially good for kids – they improve reading, cognitive skills, and communication, as well as simply being great fun. Conveying information visually helps to understand and creates a bigger picture of the world. Yet only 2% of households actually read comics, and 59% of adults say that they’ve never read a comic. Instilling a love of comics in your child from a young age can not only give them the opportunity to read some amazing stories but can also teach them a few life skills along the way.

Learning about money

According to a recent study done by TD Ameritrade, 50% of teenagers don’t understand about money management. This is somewhat scary considering the average teenager spends $2,391 a year. Teaching your children about saving and budgeting is an essential life skill that can help them in the future. Understanding money management could stop them from getting into debt when they are older. There are some great comics about money and financial literacy. Avengers: Saving the Day was created with a good lesson in mind – saving your money and sticking to a budget can help you achieve what you want in life. In the comic, Thor, Iron Man, Spiderman, Hulk, and Black Widow learn all about managing money, whilst trying to stop Mole Man from robbing a bank.

Learning about friendship

Making friends isn’t always easy when you’re a child. Some kids struggle because they are anxious or shy, and some children find interpersonal skills difficult, especially when it comes to reading social cues. There are some great comic books and graphic novels to help kids learn about navigating social occasions and making friends. Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson is perfect for younger readers and covers the complex emotional relationships that girls can have. Roller Girl won a Newbery Honor award. Dave Waymond’s Muddle School is another great read for fans of the Wimpy Kid series. It covers some important themes including bullying and getting a crush on someone.

Learning about family life

There are lots of comic series that feature family members that have to work together to achieve a shared goal. These include the House of El and The Fantastic Four. If you’re looking for a comic to help you appreciate the family you have, try Batman: Death in the Family  – it shows that Batman is not always a loner, but actually has a very rich family life. Another firm favorite is the illustrated graphic novel of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline, by P.Craig Russell. The story, often creepy and strange, is a moral tale about a girl who is learning what she wants and needs from her family.

If you love comics and graphic novels, pass this love onto your children from an early age, and they can learn about how the world around them works through stories. Comics can help children learn about so many life skills that they will need every day.

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