Hello Puppets: Midnight Show may be the next big streaming horror game

Escape the horror puppet show in Hello Puppets: Midnight Show, a new game by Otherworld Interactive and tinyBuild that was just revealed as a part of Steam Next Fest.

Midnight Show is a standalone PC prequel to the VR hit Hello Puppets!, set in the 1980s on the set of a Muppets knock-off TV show. You have one night to reverse the spell and escape the Handeemen Sound Stage alive!

You are Owen Gubberson, a master puppet maker that brought their creations to life using magic. The puppets aren’t what you expected, however. They’re sadistic and evil, and they have plans for you.
“It’s the most challenging and ambitious game we’ve ever made. Our goal was to combine our love of narrative-focused horror with a more systemic game design, so you can play it over and over. We’re absolutely thrilled with how the game is shaping up so far, and we hope you enjoy getting an early look at it at Steam Next Games Fest!” ” – Andrew Allen, Creative Director at Otherworld. 
  • Dynamic Hide and Seek gameplay against an advanced AI that hunts you and forces you to learn its behavior and adapt.
  • Four distinct AI bosses with unique behaviors, personalities, and narratives. You’ll grow to fear and love them at the same time.
  • Large, complex levels full of tools to use against the puppets, hiding spots, and pieces of a larger narrative you’ll have to work to put together.
  • Unique “Hiding” mechanics that force you to stay on your toes by completing high-stakes minigames and challenges.

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