Hear the Mighty Roar … Auric of The Great White North #2

Auric #2 Cover
Auric #2 Cover

The Northern Ontario Expo is a great little comic book convention held in Timmins, Ontario up here in Canada each year. Canadian fan favourite comic book artist Mike Rooth once designed a mascot for the convention, a majestic half human and half lion warrior. At some point in time some local creators decided that this mascot needed a story and a Mini Comic was produced in 2015 by writer Davis Dewsbury and artist Andrew Thomas. That initial mini comic went to third printings, birthed a successful Kickstarter and launched a regular series. Not bad for a mascot!

Auric’s origin starts back in 1912, in a small mining town in Northern Ontario, Canada where a mysterious gas was unleashed from within a deep gold mine. All the miners inside the ominous shaft are affected as well as the countless townsfolk as this gas escaped to the northern air, changing the course of history forever. This gas seems to transform those that are susceptible into strange, unusual and dangerous mythical beasts.

Issue #2 opens with a flashback at the abandoned mine headquarters of Auric and his team, the Legion ’99 in Timmins, Ontario. We see Auric and the guys tracking down a mutated threat known as a Balsam Wraith while trying to dissuade an enthusiastic youth from joining the hunt. Flash forward to the present in front of City Hall where Auric has raced to a press conference that has been called by an old face from his past. A face that is claiming that he can defeat this ominous curse.

“After a decade of peace, monsters once again roam the northlands. With the growing threat of evil upon us, there is one shining light and his name is Auric. Now, far from in his prime, Auric has stepped out of retirement to reclaim his title and protect his people but do they still have faith in their old hero?”

If you like fun and quirky comics, then this is a book you will enjoy. Davis Dewsbury’s script features some great humour and sight gags staying light and adventurous. Andrew Thomas’ art is equally light with an enjoyable cartoon / comic strip style and bright, solid colours by Sharon Gauthier. For the collector, Issue #2 has a very limited 200 copy print run variant with an exclusive B&W cover by Mike Rooth.

Auric #2 Interior Page
Auric #2 Interior Page

Auric #2 will make its debut shortly at FanExpo Canada, North America’s third largest comic convention. Those unable to attend will be able to mail order Auric #2 and other back issues at http://www.greatnorthcomics.com or at one of the many signings and appearances the creators make at local comic shops and local conventions.

We all need to step up and support these fun indie press efforts. Spend a little less on that big corporate #1 release with 76 variant covers and put a bit of your comic buying budget towards Indie talent. You might surprise yourself with a real great read.

Let me know if you spot the many cameo appearances in the book!!

Issue: Auric #2 | Publisher: Great North Comics
Writers: Davis Dewsbury | Artist: Andrew Thomas & Sharon Gauthier
Price: $2.99

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