Has the Cat Got Your Tongue … Lynx #3

Another season and another Kickstarter from G-Man Comics. In typical G-Man Comics style, their latest Kickstarter features the next batch of issues across their entire line of comics. We have the following issues of G-Men United, Simon N. Kirby: The Agent, Invictus, Sgt. Flag, Taranis and the issue we will discuss today, Lynx. With a little over a week to go in the Kickstarter, these hugely popular books have reached over 1000% of the required funding.

Cover Lynx #3
Cover Lynx #3

This is issue #3, but if you are unfamiliar with the characters, here’s my previous intro to the title. “Lynx is the codename for a two-person team featuring Mateo Martinez and Maya Santiago. After Maya was kidnapped in a plot to blackmail her father, she processed this traumatic incident by diving into self-defence training. Sgt. Flag and Mateo, Maya’s boyfriend, corporate security consultant and ex-military police officer, were the heroes who foiled the kidnapping. Naturally, Mateo stepped in to help Maya with her training in the Brazilian submission wrestling martial art of Luta Livre. At first, the couple would volunteer with local anti-gang community watch groups. Still, fearing being identified, they eventually put on luchador masks and started down the path of being masked vigilantes.”

Interiour Page Lynx #3
Interiour Page Lynx #3

Issue #3 opens with a full-page splash of Murder Hornet 2.0, a replacement for the original character by that name that met an unfortunate end in Invictus #2. Simon N. Kirby, also known as the GMen’s leader, The Agent, has decided Lynx will put murder Hornet through his paces and evaluate this addition to the team. What follows is a routine capture of The Serpent and his henchmen and lunch at McVkusno before we settle into a mission at a nude beach in Mexico, fighting Aktion and Aktion Girl. Hilarity and, well, action ensues.

Writer Rik Offenberger continues to write a comic full of puns, action and just enough adventure to harken back to a less dark and gritty time in comics. It is a done-in-one story that builds on the character development and sub-plots from previous issues. Fantastic linework is handled by Alan Faria. It is a realistic yet cartoon style that suits the fun vibe of Rik’s script. Ted Pinheiro’s bright colours and Eric Bennett’s lettering add to the action’s brightness. Lynx is quickly becoming my favourite of the line, reminiscent of the Bwah Ha Ha Justice League of the 80s.

As mentioned, this issue has yet to become available to buy as it is part of a current Kickstarter, but there is still time to pledge at Kickstarter G-Men Unleashed. For more news, head on over to the official site G-Man Comics.

Issue: Lynx #3 | Publisher: G-Man Comics
Writer: Rik Offenberger | Artists: Alan Faria & Teo Pinheiro
Letters: Eric Bennett | Script Editor: Chris Squires
Managing Editor: Jim Burrows

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