HARKER: The Book of Solomon – Part Two hits Kickstarter

Following the hugely successful Kickstarter campaign for Part One in 2020, which raised almost 400% above its original pre-order target, Time Bomb Comics is excited to announce the launch of Harker: The Book of Solomon Part Two – a perfect bound 68-page full colour volume.

From British creators Roger Gibson and Vince Danks, Harker: The Book of Solomon – Part Two concludes the first storyline of the acclaimed comics series. A wittily crafted homage to classic television detective series such as Columbo, Morse and CSI, Harker follows the homicide investigations of Detective Chief Inspector Harker and his assistant, DS Critchley.

When a series of gruesome murders take place near the British Museum, DCI Harker and his assistant DS Critchley are called to London to solve the case. Middle-class Satanists, dusty bookshops, grimy old pubs, a museum labyrinth and wry, cutting humour all combine in this love letter to classic TV police dramas. Harker is a heady mixture of Morse, Columbo, Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie, with perfectly paced storytelling, exquisitely detailed artwork and brilliant dialogue, exemplified by the chemistry between the grumpy, world-weary Harker and his easy-going, slightly unhinged assistant.

Harker has a long history: first self-published by Ariel Comics in individual issues and then later part-reprinted by Titan Comics, it has been ten years since the award-winning comic by writer Roger Gibson (Torchwood, Gravestown, Mad Girl) and artist Vincent Danks (Doctor Who Magazine, Red Dwarf Magazine) last appeared.

Gibson & Danks are reviving the series through Time Bomb Comics, who are re-publishing the first two Harker graphic novels (The Book of Solomon and The Black Hound) in full colour across four volumes and then continuing the series with brand new adventures in at least two further volumes. The colour art for Part Two is by Andrew Richmond.

Harker writer Roger Gibson said: “I’m hugely excited by this new ongoing series of full colour Harker books by Time Bomb Comics. Next up is the conclusion of The Book of Solomon, with ritual killings, spooky Satanists, and a gripping car chase, as Harker fights for his life under the British Museum. Next up is murder on the Moors in Whitby, and then a case set amongst spies in Portmeirion. It’s all good stuff, and it allows me and artist Vince Danks to indulge our love of old crime shows like Columbo and Morse, and bring them back into fashion!”


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