Hard Lacquer

Hard Lacquer is a wonderful free-to-read series up-streamed from our Tapas Community with a devoted readership – more than 1.1 million views/reads with more than 30k subscribers. This is Baltimore-based creator Amelia Allore’s first series and she has been a creator for just over 2 years.

Synopsis: Claire Belmonte is an influencer-turned-vigilante. Robin Huong is her reluctant bodyguard who’s just trying to make it to her next paycheck in one piece. Together they’re taking down a multimillion-dollar crime syndicate—if they don’t end up killing each other first. But what’s an heiress-influencer doing getting involved in a criminal empire, anyway? And what kind of history does Claire have with the syndicate’s boss—a smooth-talking butch with a taste for three-piece suits? It’s two parts spy drama, one part romance, where everyone’s got something to hide and nothing to lose.

Created by Amelia Allore

Link to serieshttps://tapas.io/series/HardLacquer/info

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