Happy Birthday Canada … Captain Canuck in Niagara Falls 150


Canada is turning 150 this year on July 1st and celebrations are happening all over the country to commemorate this auspicious occasion. The fine folks at Chapterhouse Publishing, along with the City of Niagara Falls, and the Niagara Comic Con have produced a special Captain Canuck comic book that was given away free to the first 500 fans to enter the Niagara Falls Comic Con.

Captain Canuck in Niagara Falls 150 Cover
Captain Canuck in Niagara Falls 150 Cover

Featuring a fun cover by Captain Canuck co-creator, Richard Comely this 12 page special showcases the Captain teaming up with the City of Niagara Falls’ Mayor, Jim Diodati to save the day. Canada, Classic Captain Canuck, beavers, the lovely Niagara Falls … this small comic is chock full of Canadian icons. Written by Chapterhouse CEO, Fadi Hakim and Chapterhouse Publisher, Keith WTS Morris the story is light and fun as you would expect from an all-ages freebie comic. Don’t expect hard hitting action or a glimpse into the upcoming Season Three story arc in the main Captain Canuck comic, rather a great little story for the kids (and us kids at heart).

Captain Canuck in Niagara Falls 150 Interior Page
Captain Canuck in Niagara Falls 150 Interior Page

Interiour art is provided by original Captain Canauck series alumni Claude St Aubin which is just fantastic and hits every Captain Canuck fan right in the nostalgia bone. This bright and upbeat story is wonderfully coloured by Matthew Tavares and expertly lettered by Andrew Thomas.

With such a limited print run and distributed only at the Niagara Comic Con it might be hard for collectors to obtain which makes this a great little grail piece to get your hands on. Not to mention finding one in great condition. Great little promotional comic to share, read and collect.

Issue: Captain Canuck in Niagara Falls 150 | Publisher: Chapterhouse Publishing
Written by: Fadi Hakim & Keith WTS Morris | Art by: Claude St.Aubin & Matthew Tavares
Letters by: Andrew Thomas | Cover art by: Richard Comely & Matthew Tavares
12 page Limited Edition

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