Markosia is pleased to announce its latest graphic novel release!

Gumshoe City

In the colorful world of Gumshoe City, every resident is a detective. You might even recognize a couple of them!

Of course, this means when a mystery appears, a few toes will be stepped on, some fingers will be pointed, and occasionally someone will end up dead.

Meatball Matthews is a detective specializing in all things meaty. He’s forced to journey out of his element and confront old beef when his best friend disappears, leaving a dead body behind.

Erica Lüscanon is the latest in a long line of hard-boiled detectives who take the law into their own hands. Unfortunately for everyone involved, she hates breaking the rules! In her attempt to prove that you don’t need to flip a car to be a hero, she just might solve a decades-old mystery that’s plagued her life.

Written by Winston Gambro and illustrated by Michael Lee Harris, Gumshoe City is out now and available from the links on our website:

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