GUEST REVIEW: Collectors

a review by Joe Bryan

Collectors is an online comic strip written and drawn by Eddie DeAngelini. It is a comedic look inside the life of a married couple when one of the partners has a compulsion to own and horde everything and anything comics-related.

In comic strip form, Eddie has managed to create characters with fully developed personalities while avoiding a lot of the tropes that hamstring other characters in the medium. He is able to show the imagination and creativity of the fan base through Eddie, while Kristen his wife is a great mirror to show the absurdity of 40-year-old adults spending thousands of dollars on books that were originally intended for children.

It would be very easy to make Eddie a hopeless nerd and Kristen the angry nag, but Collectors manages to avoid these stereotypical personalities in favor of fully developed adults who have a realistic marriage that requires compromises.

As a reader, I’m able to relate to all the characters in Collectors either personally or by seeing pieces of them in people I know and still find myself laughing at their shenanigans. Definitely a great read for any comic fan young or old, but also a great introduction to the culture for someone new or looking to get into it.

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