These days, the ANT-MAN character is the star of major motion pictures, and The ATOM is on TV, but did you know that comicdom was populated with LOTS of tiny heroes, going all the way back to The Golden Age?

Golden Age Spotlight #19, “Good Things Come In Small Packages” focuses on these little guys of comics’ formative years, from the great to the extremely obscure.  One couldn’t do justice to a topic like this without mentioning Quality Comics’ star feature DOLLMAN, so he ( and Quality Comics’ staff of spectacularly-talented artists) will certainly be well-represented. Centaur Comics’ MINIMIDGET predated them all, and John Kolb’s feature (which debuted in September of 1939) had a respectable two-year run in Centaur’s flagship Amazing Man title. GAGSp#19 will contain one of his earliest adventures.

Harvey Comics’ experimental pocket-sized comic, Spitfire introduced the world to FLYMAN. Stuck at insect-size AND with a face scarred by acid, this unique feature was the brainchild of Sam Glanzman and his older brother Louis. You’ll see his second appearance in this issue.

BUZZ BALMER was an adventurer stuck at a tiny size whose stories were pretty weird. Produced by Rick Yager who was best-known as a newspaper strip artist, Buzz plied his trade within the pages of the little-seen Bang-Up Comics.

There were a few GA heroes who could vary their size, and consequently spent a fair amount of time battling at a small size.  Among them were two reasonably successful heroes, Martin Filchock’s MIGHTY MAN ( who could actually control the size of specific PARTS of his body as well as change size proportionately-very freaky) and Fiction House’ early Planet Comics star, The RED COMET. Both will be in this issue showcasing their abilities as diminutive dynamos.

Their were some 1940’s heroes that, while not actually MINIATURE, per se; were certainly undersized, and played that to their advantage. You’ll see them here, too. Like the extremely rare LITTLE GIANT, from O.K. Comics #1, Jack Coles gun-happy gumshoe LITTLE DYNAMITE, AND the Lev Gleason character of the same name; and Harry “A” Cheslers’ demented BLACK DWARF- they’ll all be here, and perhaps a few more suprises as well- all in Gloden Age Greats Spotlight Special #19, 140 pages of crisp, full-story black and white reprints from comics’ Golden Age inside full-color covers. $29.95, standard comic book size and saddle-stitched. Coming from AC Comics in May, 2019.

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