GONE #2 by Jock Releases in Print and Digital from DSTLRY

New variant covers from Ben Oliver, Joëlle Jones, and Dani are available now, exclusively at dstlry.co

Left to right: variant covers by Ben Oliver (G), Joëlle Jones (H), and Dani (I)


The second issue of DSTLRY’s action-packed sci-fi series GONE is out today from Jock, featuring dstlry.co-exclusive variant covers by Ben Oliver (Vengeance of Vampirella, Ultimate X-Men), Joëlle Jones (Lady Killer, Catwoman), and Dani (Dark Spaces, Coffin Bound) that will leave readers starstruck.

Readers who own digital copies of Gone or Somna will have access to purchase Joëlle Jones’ print cover and Dani’s digital cover. Additionally, those who buy Ben Oliver’s print cover can purchase the digital version with the same cover at half the price.

Eagerly awaited following the distributor-level sellout of issue #1, GONE #2 arrives at local comic shops and dstlry.co simultaneously in both print and digital formats via DSTLRY’s digital reader beta, as Jock continues the story of Abi, a frightened 13-year-old stowaway turned intergalactic war veteran, fifteen years since we last saw her.

GONE #2 features an oversized, 48-page perfect bound issue with out-of-this-world covers available in both print and digital, including:

  • Cover A – Jock; Open Order

  • Cover B – Jock; Open Order

  • Cover C – Lee Garbett; 1:10 Incentive Variant

  • Cover D – Oliver Barrett; 1:25 Incentive Variant

  • Cover E – Matt Taylor; 1:50 Incentive Variant

  • Cover F – Jamie McKelvie; Open Order Variant

  • Cover G – Ben Oliver; dstlry.co-Exclusive DTC Variant

  • Cover H – Joëlle Jones; dstlry.co Digital Owners Variant (Print Only)

  • Cover I – Dani; dstlry.co Digital Owners Variant (Digital Only)

The new hit series from DSTRLY by JOCK continues! It’s been fifteen years since we last saw ABI—a frightened 13-year-old stowaway on a spaceship bound for distant stars… Now nearly 30, Abi is not only still roaming the galaxy, but is a self-assured—and deeply scarred—veteran of an intergalactic war! Beautifully written and drawn by JOCK, GONE is an action-packed sci-fi adventure where a young heroine has grown into a war-weary spacefarer who still dreams of one elusive goal…. getting home.


GONE #2 is out today, February 7, in print and digital. Readers can purchase digital copies on dstlry.co from February 7 through February 13.Print copies are available online and at local comic shops while supplies last.


Print copies of GONE #2 are available at participating local comic shops and online at dstlry.co. Digital copies are available exclusively at dstlry.co.

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