GOLDEN AGE REVIEWS: The Hangman Comics #10

ImageThat was probably THE best issue ever of that title! Small wonder that you’ve made it your comic of the month. The two-parter featuring The Executioner and Captain Swastika that led off this book was superb. The artwork looked a lot like it had been drawn by a freelancing Quality Comics staffer (Mort Leav or John Cassone)but the sheer brutality of the Executioner (particularly those decapitation scenes) let me know that this definitely was an MLJ story off the bat. The Hangman’s battle with The Missionary was also quite interesting, helped along by the ever-impressive artwork of Irv Novick (I wonder if you plan to post The Missionary’s first duel with The Hangman in the foreseeable future?). The BOY BUDDIES tale was also quite good. Its plot reminded me a lot of the old Humphrey Bogart film ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT (I wonder if the writers of this story saw that film) and Paul Reinman delivered the goods with some exceptional artwork (love that two page spread in the middle of the second part). Combine that with two good text stories and a classic Harry P. Lucey cover and you’ve got one of the best books ever published by MLJ PERIOD!

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