GOLDEN AGE REVIEWS: Jackpot Comics #4

ImageBeing a card player, I would know from experience if I was dealt a great hand. When MLJ brought out JACKPOT COMICS #4 around Christmastime 1941, one could easily see that the readers of that time were dealt a great hand. Let’s take a close look at the cards we were dealt:

STEEL STERLING; A great little story that effectively blended humor and mystery to flawless perfection. It’s what happens when you mix several suspects (including a platinum blonde femme-fatale delectably drawn by Irv Novick), Clancy and Looney, Steel Sterling, and a murdered gossip columnist (who incidentally shares the same name and occupation of the alter-ego of a certain TOP-NOTCH superhero). That is if you could get past the pre-EC shock of the splash panel. Oh! Did I mention some great artwork by Irv Novick?

THE BLACK HOOD; Harry Stein and Warren King show the world how to host the ultimate “how to host a murder” party, by having the host try to systematically off his guests. They also threw the one thing the host didn’t count on, the Black Hood. Another great story.

ARCHIE; For his very first JACKPOT appearance, he quite literally goes to the dogs in this extremely funny tale. Another winner!

MR. JUSTICE; Sam Cooper once again delivered the goods big time with the artwork on this story involving an artist who captured more than the likenesses of his subjects. Another winner!

SERGEANT BOYLE; The people at MLJ showed that they’ve mastered the fine art of combining humor and adventure in this tale that once again pairs up Sgt. Boyle and Twerp with their rivals over at BLUE RIBBON, Cpl. Collins and Slapsie.

If JACKPOT #4 was a. hand, it would be a strong Straight Flush (if not a Royal Flush). I couldn’t ask for a better . hand.

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