GOLDEN AGE REVIEWS: Jackpot Comics #2

ImageJACKPOT COMICS #2 was quite an interesting issue of that title, to say the least. Here’s what I thought about that issue on a story-by-story basis. The STEEL STERLING story was par for the course with Irv Novick doing another exceptional job on the feature.

The BLACK HOOD tale was quite good as well, helped by the fact that it was one of the duels against the Skull. But the only thing that hurt the story in my opinion was the artwork of Warren King (or was it Bobby King a.k.a. Bernie Klein). His artwork didn’t work too well for this story and made me wish that Al Camy was drawing this story.

The SERGEANT BOYLE story was quite good as well. But I felt the best story of this issue was the MR JUSTICE story.

MR. JUSTICE, Sam Cooper really outdid himself on this story that featured a public enemy and a Dr. Frankenstein – esque scientist. I also liked that pre-EC like jolt on the final panel of page 7 of that story as well. I also liked the vintage ads for the upcoming books, two which appear on this site (hopefully you will post the issue of TOP-NOTCH advertised in this book in the future) and the text stories as well. All and all an interesting issue of one of MLJ’s best anthologies.

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