During the halcyon days of the 1940’s, FAWCETT COMICS vied with DC/NATIONAL for the top of the American comic book market, and it was not only it’s wildly-successful stable of MARVEL FAMILY characters that kept comic readers forking over their dimes, but the top-flight staff of creators who brought them to life, as well. Only the highest-quality, most skilled and polished artists were hired to illustrate FAWCETT’s comics, and this big 20th volume of Golden Age Greats Spotlight Special will highlight those highly-skilled craftsmen. Thrill to the graceful figure work of Mac Raboy and Emil Gershwin, the crackling-crisp ink lines of Kurt Schaffenberger and Leonard Frank; the detailed realism of Dan Barry and Bud Thompson, and the expressive, animated styles of C. C. Beck and Pete Costanza. They are all here, represented working on rare, vintage stories starring FAWCETT star characters including BULLETMAN, SPY SMASHER, COMMANDO YANK, CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT, IBIS, MINUTEMAN, Mr. SCARLET- and perhaps even a few surprise guest-stars. If you know the visual joy of the FAWCETT costumed heroes of the 1940’s, you’ll love this collection. If you don’t, treat yourself to this spectacular volume and open yourself up to a whole new world of great comic book work from the early days of the medium. That’s Golden Age Greats Spotlight Special #20- Turning On The Fawcett- 140 black and white pages, saddle-stitched inside a breathtaking Mac Raboy color cover, for $29.95. Comic from AC Comics in June, 2020.

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