GlobalComix Announces The Talent Marketplace!

Creating more comics and a larger community through providing an all-new “matchmaking” platform for creators.

GlobalComix, the cutting-edge digital reading and distribution platform for comics, graphic novels and manga, is proud to announce their new Talent Marketplace, an all-new platform designed to give comics creators access to a network of talent—from writers, artists, colorists, letterers, and more! This new program was created to empower everyone from individual creators to team leads and studios, allowing them to find collaborators to fulfill all their creative comics endeavors.

GlobalComix’s Talent Marketplace provides enhanced tools, resources, and access to smart-match creators with workshops, gigs, vacancies and projects. As users build their selections, the space evolves too, becoming a go-to destination for finding freelance comic creator work or team members for new or existing projects.

“At GlobalComix, we are committed to helping comic creatives be successful whether finding work and income or finding a team to collaborate with on their next big thing,” said Christopher CarterGlobalComix CEO and Founder. “The Talent Marketplace is an extension to that mission, which is why we’ve created a much needed resource for comic creatives to connect with each other. We are excited about the up-tick in crowdfunding and creator owned work, driving innovation, and success in the comic industry, and we are here to support by offering the resources they may need along the way.”

To assist them on their endeavor, GlobalComix has partnered with Creative Contract Consulting (C3), a boutique legal practice specializing in comic book contracts and IP licensing to provide free legal consultation for creators using the Talent Marketplace. C3 is founded and run by Gamal Hennessy, ESQ, a trusted leader both in legal representation and publishing, bringing with him the gravity of two decades of experience in the comics industry.

“Given the international supply-chain challenges, we’re seeing a swell of support for digital comics,” said Gamal Hennessy. “The potential of GlobalComix’s Talent Marketplace offers an elegant solution for creators looking to foster partnerships, increase productivity and bring stories to market in a manner that we haven’t seen before.”

GlobalComix has curated some of the best storytellers in indie comics along with some of the finest up-and-coming publishers, offering creators of all sorts to work within a wide variety of genres. Beyond just our intuitive profile system, we’re providing legal resources, creative workshops and more to empower creators to optimize their success.

Creators eager to experience the Talent Marketplace can visit

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