Gianna McElroy talks about TALES OF GODAI

Gianna McElroy at age 13 decided she wanted to publish her own comic. That isn’t unusual, many 13-year-old kids want to publish their own comic. But Gianna is actually doing it. Now at age 15 her dream project is coming to life. Gianna provided the pencils and inks for this comic. Gianna was nice enough to stop by First Comics News to tell our readers all about Tales of the Godai.

First Comics News: How did you learn to draw?

Gianna McElroy: Since I was very young I’ve always loved to draw I would always be doing arts and crafts, drawing, painting, coloring, etc. that’s what I did for fun. But as I got older I started learning new skills. A lot of my skills I learned from my grandfather. But one of the main things was consistency and passion and love for my art that helped me improve and learn.

1st: What tools do you use in creating your comic?

Gianna: SI do the layouts in pencil on regular paper then scan them into my iPad to ink them in Procreate.

1st: How did your grandfather (Mickey Clausen) become involved in your comic?

Gianna: My grandfather and I have always been making art together and he inspires me with his art and his dedication to his work. I had an idea to make a comic book together and so we decided it would be fun and we did.

1st: How did Joe Soliz join your project?

Gianna: My grandfather met Joe at Hill Country Comic Con in New Braunfels, Texas back in March, they communicated by text for a while and he joined us as the writer in May and brought along his wife Sarah Childs as editor, rounding out our team.

1st: What is the Godai?

Gianna: Godai is Japanese for the 5 elements. Kitsune, Tsuchi, Kaze, Kiyoshi, and, Ku Sora all wield an elemental power of the Godai.

1st: Who are the Yokai?

Gianna: The Yokai are a group of bullies led by the evil Ba-Fo.

1st: What do the Yokai want?

Gianna: They want to spread their evil in the world by intimidating everyone with brutality and fear. Their evil Master Ba-Fo ultimately wants to steal the powers of the Godai for his own personal use.

1st: Who are Kitsune, Tsuchi, Kiyoshi, Kaze, and Ku Sora?

Gianna: They are the 5 main characters who possess the powers of the Godai

1st: What are their powers?

Gianna: Kitsune controls fire, Tsuchi manipulates the earth, Kaze controls the wind, Kiyoshi is Water, and Ku Sora is the void.

1st: Who are Sensei Botan Sazama and Sensei Hiruto Wantanabe?

Gianna: They are a couple of instructors at the Koyasa Monastery and are members of a secret sect that are to protect and train the Godai in the use of their powers, while they are coming of age.

1st: Kitsune, Tsuchi, Kiyoshi, Kaze, and Ku Sora are all new to their powers. Do they have any hope against the Yokai?

Gianna: I feel that there is always hope, you just have to keep pushing yourself to do what is right and never give up. And that’s what I feel our characters will be showing everyone! It’s who they are.

1st: Who is Li Yang?

Gianna: Master Li Yang is also known as the “Panda Khan”. He shows up as a guest instructor in our 1st issue.

1st: How did Li Yang join your comic?

Gianna: My grandfather is currently recoloring the original black and white “Chronicles of Panda Khan” from the late 80’s from Abacus Press. He was created by Dave Garcia and Monica Sharp. They were nice enough to publish the 1st appearance of the “Godai “ a 6 page story in the back of “The Chronicles of Panda Khan: Chapter 2” and then gave us permission to have him appear in our 1st issue.

1st: Where can fans find Tales of the Godai?

Gianna: We currently have a Kickstarter going on right now.

My grandfather will also be selling at the Comic Conventions that he attends.

1st: What is the minimum pledge to get a digital copy of the comic?

Gianna: You can get a digital copy for $5.

1st: What is the minimum pledge to get a print copy of the comic?

Gianna: You can get the regular cover which I did for $6, it shows the Godai in their normal identity, and then we have a limited print run of my grandfather’s cover for $8 when they have invoked the Power of the Godai and have transformed. They wear kabuki masks to conceal their identities.

1st: What makes Tales of the Godai so cool no one should miss it?

Gianna: What makes it so cool is there’s so much to it, there’s action but also some funny humorous parts and you get to watch them learn about their powers and how to use them, and all the things they have to go thru in their daily lives, like dealing with the bullies at school and having to hide their powers from them and their peers. They have to go through a lot while trying to live up to a destiny that was thrust upon them from birth, they really have no choice but to step up and do what is right! I think all of this makes for a very entertaining and cool comic to read. Plus

I’m sure you all have heard the quote “With great powers, comes great responsibility”. LOL

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