Get Yourself The Perfect Console Setup

Gaming is so much more than simply a time waster. These days you can go all out on a gaming setup that will set you up for gaming success (see what I did there?). Console gaming is wildly popular, and you can get all sorts of things to create your perfect gaming setup. I won’t lie, it’s not going to be cheap, but if you have unlimited funds, here are some really cool things you should add to your rig.


Different consoles have different controllers. But you can and should buy an aftermarket one to really get the best gaming experience. The perfect controller will feel heavy in your hand, be made of high quality materials, and possibly even have LED lights on it (everything’s better with pretty lights). When it comes to controllers, one can choose between the regular dual shock setup that you find on a PS4, or another setup without knobs. This works well if you suffer from muscle fatigue. Practice playing with both at a shop for a while if you can so that you can choose the setup that suits your hands the best.

Smart 4K TV

Ok, so before we even begin to play, we need something to play on. Remember here that bigger is not necessarily better, as a TV that is too big will cause you to have to look around the screen by actually turning your head, wasting precious seconds in the heat of battle. I’ve found that a 50 inch works perfectly. It is big enough to display all the little details, but not too big that you miss any action in the top corner.

Onto TV types. Smart TV’s are all over the place now. When choosing your brand, it’s best to go with a well known one that has good customer feedback. These also tend to be higher quality and give you a better OLED picture. You want one that is 4K ready as well. Make sure that whatever TV you buy fits into your gaming space!

The Chair

Gaming chairs for console play are different to those for PC gaming. When you are sitting in front of a PC you want something that is going to support your back, and allow you to spend hours crouched over a keyboard and mouse. Not so with consoles. If you are going to take on a marathon gaming session with a controller in your hand, you want something that you can sink back into that has plushy leather cushions, and a drinks holder. You want a chair that dominates the room, and invites you to while away the hours happily in its embrace.

Take the time to really source a great quality, comfortable chair. You are going to be spending a lot of time in it, so it needs to be able to keep you happy without making you walk like an elder when you get out of it.


So we have the TV, the chair, and the controller. The next item on our lost is the sound. You will need an external audio system to really get into that gaming state of mind. Of course, if you live with other people you may possibly want to invest in a great set of noise cancelling headphones too. If you have the luxury of being able to play sound really loudly, an external amp is the way to go.

Getting anything higher than 7.1 is a waste of time; however, most modern consoles can make great use of a Dolby Atmos system. Keep in mind the pace that you are going to be playing games in. The smaller and more intimate it is, the less ear shattering power you need.

Other Things Not To Forget

Once we have our main system in place, there are a few things that need to be mentioned. The first is a good drinks fridge. If you are a guy, it will probably be a beer fridge. If you are a girl like me, then it will still probably be a beer fridge.

Also, don’t forget to to buy quality HDMI cables. Getting a quality system and then linking it all together with rubbish cables is a total waste of time.

You can also go the whole hog and decorate your game room. There are some really cool Nintendo Switch wall pieces that frame your TV to make the whole thing look like a giant Swith console. Add custom lighting to that, some pinball tables off to the side, great artwork on the walls, and you have a space that you will probably never want to leave. So long as you have someone to bring you pizza.

And Lastly

One word. Coffee. Caffeine should be an integral part of any gamers setup. Warm, energizing brew that will fuel you for your hours of marathon gaming in your amazing chair. Look into putting a little coffee station in your gaming room, or at least nearby. You won’t be sorry!

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