Like in the film industry, gaming has now reached the point where there are rarely any new themes to explore these days. Having been around for decades there aren’t many topics that haven’t been featured in games before, which means these days we usually only see themes being reused with very few new perspectives. The illustrious history of games means there is still plenty of variation and there are several themes that have lasted a number of years as player favorites. Here are some of the most commonly found themes.

Ancient Egypt

The long and elaborate story of Ancient Egypt is one that continues to captivate the world with new discoveries continuing to be made every year that add new elements to the narratives. It is one of the few history topics that command our attention no matter how much we learn about it, which is reflected in the number of games that continue to be released about it. From popular action games like Assassin’s Creed Origins to real-time strategy titles like Age of Empires, there seems to be a never-ending production line of games featuring Ancient Egyptians. This theme is also popular in online slots titles such as Legacy of Dead, which incorporates Ancient Egyptian patterns and imagery into the classic game.


The Vikings are another historical group who have been immortalized in TV, films, and video games. Their impact on world history is undeniable, with their influence still felt in many countries today, which makes them perfect for video games. Additionally, the Vikings were known to make long voyages and participate in epic battles, so they can be easily incorporated into different game genres. Popular Viking-themed titles over the years include Skyrim, Valheim, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. As the capabilities of our gaming devices continue to improve, we can expect the flow of new Viking games to continue as better graphics and engines on our devices will allow developers to explore these stories in greater depth.


Space exploration is a theme that has been popular in the gaming industry ever since the release of Space Invaders in 1978. This classic game required players to shoot down aliens as they attempt to attack their bunkers and spaceship. It is one of the world’s most popular games and has inspired countless other games to use this theme that gamers seem to love. Popular space-themed games include Halo, Outer Wilds, and Homeworld. As most of us won’t have the chance to explore outer space, these games give players the opportunity to see what it might be like, which is why they remain so popular.


The Western genre is another fan favorite that has stood the test of time in the media. Thanks to classic Spaghetti Western movies and countless references in TV shows most people are familiar with themes like cowboys, saloons, and high noon showdowns. So, it’s no surprise that games based on the Wild West are among some of today’s most popular, like Rockstar Games’ ground-breaking Red Dead series, which allows you to play as an outlaw from the late 1800s. Other popular games that use this theme include Darkwatch, Call of Juarez, and Desperados. There appears to be no sign of gaming fans losing interest in this topic, so we can expect plenty more Wild West titles in years to come.


Despite the fact that most people can enjoy sports with friends in the real world, gamers seem to love simulating their favorite sports through their devices. Whether you’re into popular sports like football or basketball, or niche ones like snowboarding or skiing, there is definitely a game for you out there. One of the main reasons this theme is so popular is that these games allow us to control or manage our favorite athletes and lead them to virtual glory. Nowadays, whatever aspect of the sport you’re into is covered in the gaming world, those interested in playing as their favorite teams and players will enjoy titles like FIFA and NBA 2K, those into pure coaching can enjoy management simulation titles like the Football Manager series, while players with a passion for sports business and ownership can enjoy titles like Football Tycoon.


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