Without leaving your desktop it is possible to explore the ancient world of Egypt through the fun and excitement of gaming! There are many exciting Egyptian based gaming options online. is just one of many places that helps you with your Egyptians exposition. Among your choices are…

Book of Pharaon

Exploring Ancient Egypt

The Egyptian theme is immediately apparent on entering the game as the evocative music adds a great atmosphere, while the tombs of Pharaoh stand on either side of the screen. Betting is straight forward with players able to select the number of lines they want to play out of 1, 5, 10, 25 or all 50 pay lines along with their bet level from 1 to 8. This gives a minimum bet of €0.01 and a maximum bet of €100. This wide betting range makes this game suitable for all players whatever their bankroll or style of play.

The symbols in this game are all heavily influenced by the ancient Egyptian theme. Icons here include the scarab beetle, a species of dung beetle worshipped by the ancient Egyptians. The Eye of Horus is also an important symbol for the Egyptians, as it was the symbol of protection and good health in addition to having royal connotations.

The Anubis also appears on the reels, which is the Egyptian god associated with the afterlife and is usually depicted as a dog (as it is here), or as a man with a dog’s head. Tutankhamun’s mask is another symbol in the game, while the golden book of Pharaon completes the list of symbols.

Payouts from the Pharaohs

The payouts in this game are decent, as they always are with WorldMatch slots. The Tutankhamun mask is the highest-paying symbol, awarding up to 5,000 coins for spinning 5 symbols on an active pay lines. The Anubis is the second-best paying symbol, rewarding players with 2,000 coins for 5 symbols. The Eye of Horus and the scarab beetle both pay 750 coins for 5 symbols together on the reels.

Those are all the graphic symbols, but there are also some high cards to bulk out the payouts, with the Ace and King both paying up to 150 coins and the Queen, Jack and 10 all paying up to 100 coins when you hit 5 symbols.

The wild symbol in the game is the purple circle with Egyptian hieroglyphs written all over it and the word ‘wild’ stamped on the front. This symbol stands in for all the other symbols in the game, except the scattered golden book ‘free spins’ symbol, to create more potential wins.

Free Spins from the Golden Book

When you spin at least 3 of the scattered golden book symbols, you trigger the free spin game. You also win up to 200 coins if you hit 5 scattered golden books together, then there is a big drop to 20 coins for 4 golden books and just 2 coins for 3 golden books anywhere on the reels. No matter, because the free spins game is what this scatter symbol is really all about.

To start the free spins game, click on any of the scatter symbols displayed on the reels to reveal the number of free spins you have been awarded. Interestingly, it is also possible to win zero free spins here, so that is a turn up for the golden books.

Once your spins have been declared, simply click on the ‘start free spins game’ button at the bottom of the screen to begin. During these free spins, all your payouts are awarded a 3x multiplier for the most potentially rewarding Egyptian adventure of the game.

Exotic Fun with Evocative Theme and Decent Rewards

The Book of Pharaon offers players an exciting and exotic ride with a tried and tested theme. Ancient Egypt is always a popular choice and we were surprised WorldMatch had added yet another Egyptian slot to the pile of existing games. Although not particularly original, the gameplay is entertaining and the music is impressive. The 50 pay lines work to give plenty of payouts, though mostly the winnings were small during our gaming session.

The free spins feature does not hit often enough for our liking, and the game would benefit from an additional bonus game. All in all, a good offering from WorldMatch and although the theme has been over-used in the slot game world, the Book of Pharaon has some good potential returns for lucky players.

Egyptian Adventure

Recurring themes in modern slot games are usually guaranteed to draw many players in thanks to their now familiar universe. Let’s see if the game that we are about to introduce here follows that pattern.

Egyptian Adventure is a video slot game created by Spinomenal that will once again get you into the shoes of an archaeologist. Explore the mysteries of Ancient Egypt and get a unique chance to uncover the treasures of the pharaohs in the process.

To make sure that you are as prepared as you can be, read our full review of Egyptian Adventure before you spin the reels for the first time.

Travel back through Time

Egyptian Adventure is both a classic slot game simulator and a classic Egypt-inspired game. Two classic universes meet into one game, so let’s see what the result looks like.

The retro part of Egyptian Adventure is obvious through the general layout of the game screen. The large command buttons at the bottom are reminiscent of an arcade machine, and so is the black, metallic background. Only the reel symbols themselves and a scroll of papyrus on the side bearing the game’s logo are truly connected to Ancient Egypt.

Egyptian Adventure is not as impressive visually as other games, but if you are looking for a low-key experience with decent graphics then you should stick around for a little while longer.

Get Right Down to it

Egyptian Adventure offers players rather open gameplay with quite a few parameters that you can customize to fit your needs and current strategy.

The game is first of all based on 5 reels and 9 fixed players, indicating where winning symbol combinations must land to yield cash rewards throughout the game. You can start by using the (+) and (-) buttons under the reels to choose your next wager, and then spin the reels to get the game properly started.

Beyond these basic commands, try to keep in mind that Egyptian Adventure calculates the amount of all prizes based on both the type of symbols that happen to line up on the pay lines and the size of your wager, equally. As a result, bigger wagers can unlock larger rewards whenever you hit a combination on a pay line. You can even go all-in at once with the bet max shortcut in the command bar. Or for a faster game, try the autobet game mode and let the reels spin loose.

Classic Egyptian Mystery

The different reel symbols available in Egyptian Adventure have all something to do with Ancient Egypt. We can look at the entire menu here together while giving some examples of cash rewards based on a bet of one credit on the reels.

The pyramid, ibis, snake and hawk symbols are the most common in the game. You can win between 3 and 75 credits thanks to them, through combinations of 3, 4 or 5 identical symbols landing on pay lines. A decent start that could help you build up some momentum.

The cross, beetle, and eye follow, with the scepter, cat statue and mummy to finish off the list. The largest prize of the game is 250 credits for 5 mummies on a pay line, which can be quite challenging to find. Fortunately, there are other ways to win big in Egyptian Adventure.

Not a Single Credit will be Wasted

Every spin in Egyptian Adventure brings you a chance to win big, even when no combination appears. A seemingly « failed » turn is added onto the win multiplier scale at the top of the screen. You can unlock several multipliers, going up to x15, as you progress through the game without scoring any win. The next time a combination appears, the current multiplier will be applied to it and the meter comes back to 0.

The god Anubis works as a scatter in Egyptian Adventure. 3 or more of these symbols landing anywhere not he reels at the same time trigger both a cash prize and a bonus round of 10 free spins.

The Nefertiti statue is the wild card of the game. Wherever it appears, it can replace one of the basic icons of Egyptian Adventure and perhaps help you score a big win in the process.

Rich and Rewarding

Egyptian Adventure is probably more addictive and dynamic as you would have thought just looking at it. Looks can be deceiving, so do not hesitate to give the game a try and see for yourself.

Every spin is a chance to increase your future wins, so keep an eye out for the scatters and bet as many credits as you much.

Egyptian Rebirth Slot

Ancient Egypt is fascinating to many, and despite the remarkable Egyptian civilization disappearing thousands of years ago, its influence and iconic art are still widely recognized today all over the world.

Many slot games have used Ancient Egypt as their backdrop, and Egyptian Rebirth is Spinomenal’s take on the well-liked theme. You can expect a lot of gold, mysterious gods and big wins in this original game.

So without further ado, let’s hike through the desert and discover all the mechanisms and details of Egyptian Rebirth, just to make sure that all chances are on your side from the very start.

Rediscover The Ancient Civilisation

Egyptian Rebirth takes you back thousands of years into the past, at the height of Egyptian civilization.

You will discover a gigantic temple standing in the desert, surrounded by sand and under a beautiful cloudy sky. The reels are framed by golden ornaments, with shiny precious stones glistening in the sun. The Egyptians were wealthy, and Egyptian Rebirth is here to remind you of that fact.

As for the music, it is quite discreet and mixed with natural sounds such as insects chirping or the wind blowing. As a result, Egyptian Rebirth is a beautiful video slot game that will not fail to impress you at first glance.

Basic Rules And Gameplay

Now that you are more familiar with your surroundings, let’s see how to play and make the most of Egyptian Rebirth.

The game is set in a 5×3 framework, which means that you will find three symbols on each of the five spinning reels available. The 25 pay lines the game has to offer are fixed: you will have no choice but to bet on all of them at all times. This might sound pricy at first, but you can still adjust the size of your bet by clicking the (+) and (-) icons located in the bottom left-hand corner of the game screen. The cash rewards will be calculated according to the nature of the symbols lining up on pay lines and your bet per line. As a consequence, as you cannot control the symbols, putting out a little extra on the table is the only way to increase your potential rewards! Feel free to adjust your settings as often as you wish during your gaming session.

As soon as you are ready, hit the Play button on the right side of the screen to set the reels into motion! Cross your fingers for big wins, which will be automatically added to your credit total after each round. You can keep an eye on your balance thanks to the display at the bottom of the screen. Alternatively, use the Auto Bet function to let the computer take control for a while. The reels will keep on spinning on their own and your bet settings will remain constant throughout the Auto Bet mode. This option is probably the best suited for you if you prefer playing without any interruptions. Keep in mind that you can always come back to the single-spin mode by clicking the same switch once again.

Golden Icons

The wealthy Egyptians loved gold, and it clearly shows in the paytable of Egyptian Rebirth as well.

The low-payout symbols that make up the first half of the menu are also golden. They represent famous Egyptian symbols such as the Cross, the Beatle, the god Anubis and the Eye of Horus. Even though they do not pay much, you will find them very frequently on the reels – which means more chances to score wins with them!

The rest of the slots paytable is quite similar, with more elaborate designs and colors. The Cobra, the Jackal, the veiled Woman, the Mask of King Tutankhamun and the Pyramid will bring you big wins, so keep on the lookout for those.

Final Surprises

The last three symbols of Egyptian Rebirth are here to spice up your game and surprise you with extra bonuses.

First, there is the Free Spin symbol, which awards free games and also a multiplier to make your wins even bigger. The more symbols you get, the more rewards you will win.

The Mummy is the Wild card, able to not only replace every basic symbol but also to multiply the payouts of the combinations it is a part of. After every spin, any symbol can randomly turn into a Wild as well, which adds yet another element of surprise. Wilds will also expand to cover the whole third reel during the free games.

Finally, the Scale triggers a Bonus round where your goal is to figure out which jewels are the most valuable – and pocket them!

Gold and Bonuses Everywhere

Egyptian Rebirth is simple enough to be mastered in a minute and has enough extra features to keep players entertained for a long time. A perfect mix that many will enjoy though if you want a more unique theme from this game provider we suggest the Codename: Jackpot slot game!

Enchanted Cleopatra Slots

Enchanted Cleopatra is an intriguing online slot by Amatic that takes players on a trip back in time to ancient Egypt. As you would expect from an Egyptian-themed slot, the game has all the scarabs, cats, and ankhs you could want. There’s even a deadly cobra that awards top prizes to anyone who dares approach it.

Some of the best online slots have an Egyptian edge these days. And most leading providers have some good games with Cleopatra as their central figure. But how does Amatic’s contribution to the genre hold up? Let’s venture inside Cleopatra’s lair to find out.

Take a Journey to Ancient Egypt

If you are up on your history, you will know that Cleopatra was the legendary ruler of Egypt who seduced Roman generals and leaders alike. Although she died of a snake bite over 2,000 years ago, the story of Cleopatra lives on. Her life has inspired books, films, and now even a range of lavish online slots.

In the list of best online slots, you will find dozens of gambling games based on the alluring Egyptian queen. An online casino developer isn’t worth it’s salt without at least one Cleopatra-themed slot in its arsenal. Joining the party is Amatic, a European developer specializing in online gambling slots and games. It’s not known for amazing graphics and gameplay, but its slots offer a few innovative touches.

Amatic is no stranger to Egyptian-themed games and boasts several slots in the genre. The Eye of Ra slot machine comes with 720 ways to win and includes a unique ‘all-seeing wilds’ feature in the bonus game. Another one is the Scarab Treasure slot, which works on a single reel only. Players choose their bets and spin the reel to win prizes. However, consecutive wins can be accumulated and banked at any time. A deadly scorpion on the reel will wipe out any coins you have amassed.

If that’s a little too much action for you, you might like the 243-ways-to-win format of Enchanted Cleopatra. The total stake is spread across all win ways, which means you simply need to match up three symbols anywhere on adjacent reels to win. Win ways run left to right.

The Enchanted Cleopatra slot plays on a set of 3×5 reels and allows bets worth 1 to 3,000 coins. The slot is fitted with an Autoplay function that lets the gambler program consecutive spins.

Win up to 500 Coins With Hieroglyphs

Hieroglyphs and classic ancient symbols feature heavily in most Egyptian-themed slots. They are all present and accurately depicted in Enchanted Cleopatra. The top jackpot is reserved for the hieroglyph representing Cleopatra herself. She pays out 10-500 coins if you land 3-5 symbols on adjacent reels. The scarab beetle is the only other high-limit icon, paying a jackpot worth 100 coins.

Lower down the scale, the Eye of Horus pays 5-20 coins, while the ankh and flower pay 3-10 coins for three to five of a kind. The lowly animals are the worst payers, but they do appear fairly regularly. The yellow bullock, the blue cat, and the red bird pay 2-8 coins for three to five of a kind. Finally, the cobra that supposedly killed Cleopatra commands prizes of 1-5 coins, depending on how many symbols you match.

Enjoy All Scatters and a Bumper Free Spins Bonus

If you love slots with wild symbols, there are lots of games available online. Unfortunately, Enchanted Cleopatra isn’t one of them. But don’t despair: instead of a wild icon, look out for the x2 symbol. If this lands on a win line, it will double any combination it helps to form. Multiplier symbols only appear on reels 1, 2, and 3.

The beautiful Egyptian queen is the bonus trigger in the Enchanted Cleopatra video slot. Three Cleopatras will earn you seven free spins (called “bonus spins” by Amatic), while four Cleopatras will get you 10 spins. Five Cleopatras anywhere will trigger 15 free spins plus a 50-coin jackpot.

All symbols become scatter symbols during the bonus feature. Players win a real cash prize simply by landing matching symbols anywhere on the game screen. This turned out to be pretty lucrative for us when we triggered the round. For just seven free spins, we managed to turn a profit of 25-30 coins. The bonus game can also be retriggered by landing three further Cleopatra symbols.

Go Hunting for Cleopatra’s Gold

The legend of Cleopatra has enchanted slots players for years, but it’s not the only action-packed Egyptian slot around. IGT’s Cleopatra MegaJackpots forms part of a range of slots offering massive prizes. To win the biggest prize, simply find the five MegaJackpot symbols on the reels. A jackpot worth 10,000x your total stake can be won.

If you prefer the 243-ways-to-win format in your slots, you should check out some good Microgaming games. Based on the hit Hollywood superhero epic, The Dark Knight has 243 win ways, an RTP of 97%, and a generous free spins round. Players can win 15 free spins in the game via the single bonus feature. There are some attractive multipliers worth 2-16x your stake, and stacked wilds can make an appearance to bump up the bankroll.

Let Yourself Get Bitten by This Epic Slot

The legend says that Cleopatra was a passionate character who seduced leaders and allowed herself to be killed by the bite of a cobra. Whether you’ll be “bitten” by this slot remains to be seen. Enchanted Cleopatra is a fun slot to play, but it is a little high on variance. The 243-ways-to-win format is good for covering all bases, but winning combinations only count left to right. A lot of the symbols that appear in the base game are low-paying, and most of our big wins came from triggering the free spins.

Give the free Enchanted Cleopatra slot machine a try today and see for yourself. While it’s not the best Egyptian-themed game on the market, it’s still a good example of Amatic’s output.

Rise of Ra

The legend that all the Ancient Egyptian Gods were buried in tombs alongside their treasures has led many treasure hunters to go in search of this untold wealth – and now you can too thanks to “Rise of Ra” a themed slot game from creators EGT. You’ll be whisked away to the burial tombs of the Sun God Ra where you will go in search of Treasure Chests and ancient artifacts which will all fetch a tidy price on the antiquities markets.

You can even undertake this treasure hunt via your favorite iPad or tablet and on all sorts of budgets thanks to a varied selection of credit and credit-bet combinations.

Buried Treasure

The only thing that’s wrong with this treasure is it’s buried treasure – and not in a pirate way. This treasure is buried deep in the tombs of the Sun God Ra, and you’ll have to deal with mummified dogs, sarcophaguses, and flesh-eating scarab beetles who can strip the flesh from a man in a matter of seconds – but finding the treasure will be worth it.

Tombs And Treasure

Deep in the tombs of the Sun God Ra is a treasure beyond your wildest dreams, and you’ll be able to claim your share of the finder’s fees in cash-prizes and bonuses. You’ll earn up to 2,000 coins for finding treasure chests, vases, and ankhs, whilst it’s up to 2,500 coins for finding mummified dogs, and up to 5,000 coins for sarcophaguses and Ra’s all-seeing eye. Solve the meaning of the many hieroglyphics and you could win yourself up to 8,000 coins, whilst finding the remains of Ra’s mistress or Ra himself could win you up to 15,000 coins. However, find and brave the many scarab beetles and you could win up to 200,000 coins.

Don’t be scared if the scarab beetles go wild as they will eat their way through other symbols to create even more winning pay-lines for you – and double each prize as they do so. Scatter symbols can also award big instant prizes of up to 150,000 coins, but can also award 15 free spins when 3 symbols appear at once. During free spins, all prizes are tripled, whilst you can also retrigger the bonus. There’s the chance to play for 4 jackpots when you the Jackpot Card Bonus is randomly awarded, and you must select cards to try and work your way through 4 levels. If you win any prize under 10,500 coins you will also have the option of trying to double your winnings on the turn of a card by choosing whether it will be red or black.

Scarab Beetles Stakes

Scarab beetles may be able to strip the flesh off a man’s bones in seconds but to make sure you don’t strip your bank balance in seconds you have plenty of staking options to choose from. Simply combine credits ranging from 0.01 to 1 and credit-bets ranging from 30 to 300 to find your perfect spin-stake.

On The Rise

With a great treasure hunt theme, big themed prizes, and some really enjoyable bonuses – it’s easy to see why this slot’s popularity is on the rise!


If this all triggers the wanderlust of exploration, try stopping by to see what the fun is all about!

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