Games Similar to Spider Solitaire You Need to Check out Right Away

Spider Solitaire is a great game, and it has occupied the hearts of avid card game lovers for decades. Its popularity isn’t waning, giving rise to several alternatives to help gamers stay on their toes.

Spider Solitaire is the most famous game in the Solitaire collection of games. It is straightforward, and the controls are simple. You must drag and drop the cards to create finished builds and transfer them to the foundation pile. You will score points for each successful build sent to the foundation deck. Each match session lasts five minutes, and you must devise the right strategies to beat your opponent. You can also participate in cash tournaments once you are confident in your skills and win lucrative rewards.

Some strategies pro players implement when they play Spider Solitaire are discussed below.

  • Quickly expose the hidden cards first so that there are more potential moves. It is also a great way to empty the tableau.
  • Try to make empty piles as early on in the game as possible so that these piles can be used as temporary storage places for moving cards to the foundation deck. You can move cards to the empty pile to turn over and uncover cards.
  • When dealing more cards, it is wise to wait for as long as possible. The new cards are placed on top of the face-forward cards, which blocks them. So, you must exhaust all the potential moves before tapping on the stockpile.
  • Make wise use of the undo and submit buttons. Tap undo when you’ve played a wrong move and wish to rectify your mistake. Tap submit if the deck is unsolvable to get a timer bonus.

Now that you know how to play Spider Solitaire, here are some similar games. You can check them out when seeking more options.

  1. True Detective Solitaire 2

Seeking thrilling adventures while playing card games? True Detective Solitaire 2 is the game for you. The game has players running around the streets of a shadowy city filled with exciting adventures. The first part of this game saga has players prove themselves as True Detective by solving underworld crimes. In this second part, you will face a new villain and need to prevent the villain from robbing the bank to steal gold.

In the game, you will explore twelve locations and solve one hundred and twenty riddles. You need to use one hundred and twenty special card deals. You have to utilize your impeccable skills of dedication but ensure to leverage the wonders of modern science. You will find special bonuses for your assignment, which you can use to complete levels quickly. You will earn special trophies and rewards for your efforts.

  1. Fairytale Solitaire: Red Riding Hood

Fairytale Solitaire: Red Riding Hood takes you on a nostalgic trip where you get to revisit your childhood alongside brave adventures. It brings alive one of the most famous fairy tales, and you can explore Red Riding Hood’s world. You can enjoy hours of gameplay and collect unique golden cards. You can also help the children achieve their dreams and fight the witch. Be a part of profitable trade agreements and keep the wolves away. Exciting Solitaire challenges are waiting for you, and the difficulty level varies as you go forward.

The game offers two hundred Solitaire puzzles, and you can collect a chain of cards. The jokers can be used to clear the board quickly, and you can earn coins. There are also colorful trophies for your achievements.

  1. Endless Soul Light Solitaire

Endless Soul Light Solitaire takes you on an adventure in the land of Liveria. In this magical world, you will find all the trees, stones, birds, and animals glittering and shining with a bright light. The game’s characters have soulmates, which can be identified by looking at the color of their soul. Nobody is lonely in the game, and you must cross different levels to find the unique creatures.

Players must solve two hundred card patterns at different levels within the game. You have to help the Liverians find their soul.

  1. Dangerous Games: Prisoners of Destiny

In Dangerous Games: Prisoners of Destiny, you must escape from a deadly but beautiful world. You have left the big city in the game to start a new life in Brownville. Here, you will connect with Louise and Ben. They have got a job lined up for you. When you meet your new boss, she will appear friendly enough, and he will even recommend you place a nice game of cards as soon as you arrive.

As you start playing the game, you will realize it is not an ordinary game. When you set down a card on the table, you will find yourself in a different world. The objective is to survive till the end. The surroundings will finally sink in, and you will become a living piece in someone’s game.

  1. Emerald Solitaire 2

Emerald Solitaire 2 is another fantastic game you must not miss. The game is an exciting adventure where you will witness powerful mage battles. The battles are fought to get to the ancient source of magic. In the game, the cards are powered by magic, so you need to join a noble knight and elvish archer to set out on the journey to find the magic’s source. There’s also a mystical sorceress who can help you in defeating the Dark Master. Your bravery must be proven at the card table.


These Spider Solitaire card games are great fun and take you through varied adventures. Combined with excellent graphics and sounds, these games guarantee endless hours of engagement.

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