As a young company, G-Man Comics is very sensitive to the fact that many independent comics announce projects that never come to pass.
We intend to deliver every project we announce as promised and on time.

Earlier this year we announced Chinedu Campbell was joining G-Man Comics for our phase three launch. However, circumstances have forced us to end our relationship with Chindeau Campbell. Chindeau Campbell came to us in 2019 looking for work with some impressive samples, and we offered him an assignment with our phase three launch. However, things have come to light that requires us to want to distance our company from any association with him.

Rest assured that suitable replacement has been secured and G-Man Comics Phase Three is well underway and will be produced on time as announced. We look forward to bringing you all the fun and excitement you have come to expect from the G-Man Universe.

Phase Three will be launching this August.

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