FUTURA 13/46 preview


Futura 13/46
Zolt Zam (4) by Patricia and Yves Chantereau.
Dossier on the King’s exhibitions in France. Jean Depelley pulls out the heavy artillery.
The original Daredevil (1 New Series) by Jean Depelley and Chris Orpiano.
Hugh Hazzard and his Iron Man (2 New Series) by Jean Depelley and Cyrille Munaro.
Spider-Fly (HS) by Stefano Pavan and Reed Man.
Burn Inside, 412° BD Performance by OC with Florian R. Guillon.
StarPower vs. Fantask’Force (2) by Pat Lesparre.
Original pin-ups by André Amouriq, Stefano Pavan, Chris Malhgrain.
+ Poster Reed Man and Offprint by Jean-Marie Arnon.
Colors at all of your friend.
Release: Spring (April/May)
60 pages + cover on coated square back card.
12 euros + 4 postage, Paypal at: lugdunumcomics@gmail.com


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