From the Back Issue Bin of a Parallel Universe: The Sentinels #7

If you’re a fan of the George Perez era of the Justice League of America and the Avengers, Paul Levitz and Keith Giffen’s Legion of Superheroes, and Wolfman’s New Teen Titans, you should check out The Sentinels for a Bronze-Age fix.

Combining my own original characters with updated public domain superheroes, this homage to the Bronze Age of comics should satisfy the urge for comics like they used to make.

When the team arrives on Earth-Steel Wolf, all hell breaks loose when Warhead wreaks havoc. How does the rest of the team handle their colleagues disappearance?

Find out in this action-packed 22-page Bronze-Age style comic book, The Sentinels “Wolf of Steel”; a great jumping on point for the series! Guest starring Eric N. Bennett’s (Angry Bear Press) heroes Steel Wolf and Auren, along with radiation hazard Warhead.

Thanks to comics fans who backed the previous issues, I’m able to bring this issue to life on Kickstarter. (I started publishing with “#267” to imply there is a history dating back to the 60s (kinda like Big Bang Comics if you will), but there’s just these so far. They are all written to imply a ‘Standard Universe’ history, but they are standalone stories.)

Who dat?
Welcome to … Horizon Station, Earth-Steel Wolf
Alert, alert!!
A wonderful Jim Aparo inspired fight scene between RAVEN and VAULT
Grab a spot for your Original Character (OC) with the Monitor Screen Cameo reward tier

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