First: Nicolas Chris thanks for doing this interview. Could you please tell me a little about yourself, where you were born, where did you go to school?

Nicolas: I am from Congo. DRC. I was born in Congo and I went to school in Burundi at Boston High School from grade 1 to grade 10 and came to Canada in 2014 and completed my grade 12 at Samuel de Champlain Saint John, New Brunswick.

First: At what age did you decide to become a singer?

Nicolas: At the age of 15.

First: Do you write your own songs? Where do you get your inspirations?

Nicolas: Yes I write my songs. The inspiration for my songs about love came from the love I have for my wife. I do think about my wife and what song I sing to make her feel happy. Another source of inspiration for me is from people”s life experiences and events, which I wrote one of my songs – La Vie (meaning Life in English) from. I do music for people to listen to and think about and also for entertainment.

First: What are some of your musical interest, who inspires you?

Nicolas: I do like Afrobeat, R & B, and Pop. Chris Brown and Diamond Platnumz both inspire me.

First: You mention you were a refugee from Congo civil war. That must have been an extremely hard situation to live in. If you want to share about it feel free.

How do you like being a Canadian citizen?

Nicolas: I love it. I feel great about it because it has caused my life to be better than how it was when I was back home. I’m able to make my dreams come true and I am happy here.

First: You are also newly married, can you tell your fans a little about your wife, where did you meet, is she a singer also?

Nicolas: I met my wife in Church. She is a Christian and she is also a singer. She sings at Church and I can not forget the experience of listening to her sing She is very beautiful and I love her. She is my everything. When it comes to my music career she supports me greatly.

First: Where does the name Nicolas Chris come from?

Nicolas: Nicolas is my name and Chris is from my son’s name. He’s my first child and I do love him so much, that’s why I chose to be called Nicolas Chris.

First: Congratulations on being a father. How does that change your life?

Nicolas: Thank you so much. It’s very stressful at times but it’s good stress. I love being a father, it makes me feel like a man, a busy and responsible man.

First: You have a few music videos already, that must be very exciting? What would you like to share with your fans about those projects?

Nicolas: Yes, I have 5 songs out already on my official Youtube channel, namely Beautiful, La Vie, (i have a video for this one already), Cheza reggae, Ife, and Hallelujah. Please help me share my videos, subscribe to my Youtube channel and drop your comments, I love hearing from you all. Thank you.

First: What are some of your plans for the future?

Nicolas: I want to be known in the music industry, do good music in Canada and inspire people everywhere in the world

First: Thanks for doing this Nicolas Chris, is there any projects or topics you would like to share we have not discussed. Any links you would like to share?

Nicolas: Yes, later on, I plan to have my songs on other streaming platforms. There are other projects in line, so please stay tuned and glued to my Youtube channel with the link , and my Instagram: @nicolas_chris1, for more updates.

Thank you very much for having me and thanks for the opportunity to let people know about me and my music.Thank you.

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