Fresh Off of Pride & AAPI Heritage Month – Quentin Lee’s Graphic Novel Debut Mystery Brothers Readies its Comic-Con Launch

The First Asian-American led YA Sci-Fi Novel Distributed in Partnership with Red 5 Comics

Quentin Lee’s debut graphic novel Mystery Brothers.

In partnership with Red 5 Comics, the indie comics firm acquired the print property from Lee, as announce in Variety recently. The deal encompasses global publishing rights and sees the 2nd issue of the Asian-America sci-fi adventure comic book Mystery Brothers by creator Quentin Lee on the Diamond Comics Catalog: — in addition, a series of 9 NFTs from Lee’s comic book Mystery Brothers were released on May 18th, 2022 in partnership with Lee’s Margin Films and Spores Network, culminating in the comic book’s upcoming release at Comic-Con.

Set in New York, Mystery Brothers is an exciting sci-fi universe about two Chinese-American 13-year-old half brothers — one of whom may or may not be completely human — battling to save their parents and protect humanity from a robot-led dystopia.

“Exciting and powerful, filled with complex relationships and thrilling plot twists! Using a timely story of aliens and robotics, Lee probes the mysteries of heritage and identity,” said respected playwright David Henry Hwang.

Mystery Brothers is an edge of your seat sci-fi thriller seamlessly merging family and heart through Lee’s amazing storytelling,” said Kayden Phoenix, Creator of A LA BRAVA, Latina Superheroes.

The comic book is a first collaboration between Lee and Argentinian based artist Elis Zil (IG @eliszil). Quentin wrote the comic while Elis drew. Elis Zil is represented by Argentina’s Altercomics Studio.

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