Free Superb Comic Creator Apps for Students

Do you want to enhance images and give them a fun twist? Explore the selection of the best comic creation apps for students down below. Moreover, all the apps in the list are free, so that none of these comic creator applications will ask for your credit card credentials.


Desktop and Web Applications

Do you want to supplement your homework with a story in the form of pictures with captions or create a new comic for fun? Scroll down below and explore the most popular desktop comic creating applications for students.

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Strip Generator

This one is an easy-to-use web-application that brings the opportunity to create comics with no hassle. A user can divide the working area onto up to four blocks. Merely choose a frame that suits your needs under the first tab and start creating your comic.

Under the second tab, you can find dozens of different characters. To add a new character to a scene, you need to drag and drop it. Also, there are more than one hundred different graphical items, shapes, speech, and thoughts bulbs. It’s easy to resize, rotate, and modify any item by using a mouse in hand. After saving your comic, you’ll be able to publish it on a website or download it.

Don’t forget that the application uses Flash, which is disabled in most browsers by default these days. However, you can easily enable it by navigating to the site’s settings.


Comic Creator from Marvel

Have you ever wanted to create your superhero? Fortunately, there is a web app that foresees the opportunity to become a part of the Marvel word by creating a brand-new superhero online.

The first step in this app is picking a shape. After this, it brings the ability to choose a particular part of a body like a shoulder, hip, or leg, pick a design, and color. After this, you’ll be able to choose a background and add some stickers. The application offers the ability to download a PNG image of your superhero or print it in a click.



It is one of the most full-featured apps for creating comics in a class or for fun. No drawing skills are required thanks to the content pack that implies hundreds of ready-to-use graphics. Using the online editor, a user can pick a background image, set a part of the day, add weather conditions, and add stickers.

Further, users can add characters, update their appearance, change focus, and even set particular actions. Lastly, users can add a speech, thoughts, or shout clouds to their characters.

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Mobile Apps

Do you need to create a comic in a class by using a tablet or smartphone? The selection of the top comic creator app for mobile devices below will help you find the top comic creator apps for a smartphone.

Comic Strip – Comic Maker

It is a top-notch comic creator app that has a beautiful interface and great user experience. Using this mobile application, you can compose images into a particular layout, arrange them, and apply filters.

Furthermore, the application allows users to add custom text, icons, and speech bubbles and send you comics to friends in one click.

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Comics Star HD

This app is available for iPhones only. It foresees the ability to update your images and add some comic look to your picks and snaps. The inbuilt functionality allows users to crop, resize images, and apply comic filters. Also, it foresees the ability to add speech clouds and graphics. When a comic image is ready, a user can save the picture on a smartphone or share it with friends.


FlipaClip: Cartoon Animation

Don’t want to arrange default graphics and supplement them with your text? If so, download this application and get ultimate freedom in comic creation. This mobile app not only brings the opportunity to draw comics but also create stunning animations.



Thanks to modern technologies, there is no need to have drawing skills to create stunning comics. All that you need is an electronic device, free time, and great creativity. If you have a tight schedule, reach, a paper writing company, and order homework help online. Using any comic creator app from the list above with vast libraries, you’ll be able to compose any comic by dragging pre-built elements and combining them.

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