Free Coronavirus Cerebus In Hell Digital Comic

(To be read in your BEST internal Rod Serling Monologue’)

Submitted for your amusement, one Benjamin Hobbs, artist for Cerebus In Hell?,

Locked in his home by a global pandemic of Biblical proportions, and going slightly stir-crazy ‘ALL PLAY AND NO WORK MAKE BEN GO something something…- stumbles on a recipe for temporary sanity (or permanent insanity…) and decides to make a topical Issue of Cerebus In Hell?

Dealing with the COVID-I9 crisis. Enlisting Cerebus in Hell? regulars: Sean Michael Robinson and David Birdsong (and Cerebus In Hell? irregulars: Eddie Khanna, Matt Dow and Laura McFarland”) and Head CIH? Honcho himself, Dave Sins, Benjamin embarks on the first Social Media Distancing issue of Cerebus In Hell? that you can’t get a real virus from (your computer is on its own, pal)

Available for free, right here…

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