FoxForce #5 Review

Lucky Comics focuses on public domain characters and bringing them back for a modern audience. I am of a fan of their independent comics line and FoxForce #5 is their latest release and it is a good one. This issue gives an origin story to one of Will Eisner’s lesser known characters, Yarko the Great, a magician that first appeared in 1939’s Wonder Comics #2. Yarko only made a handful of appearances, since he is in the public domain you can freely download those comics online, so this origin story is about 80 years overdue.

Yarko is a member of FoxForce along with other Fox Features golden age characters Blue Beetle, Samson and The Flame and together they fight the Nazi’s during World War II. The stories presented in FoxForce fit into the original golden age comics storylines and these new stories even conclude stories started nearly a century ago but left unfinished when Fox left the comic book market. How cool is that?

FoxForce, along with all of the Lucky Comics publications, are a true labor of love for the golden age of super-hero comics and it shows. While each issue is only around 10 pages they keep the digital price under a dollar so it is affordable for all but the cheapest of comic readers. I would suggest that you go online and drop a fiver to get yourself six of their comics to try out and see for yourself what they are all about. I think what they are doing is awesome and would encourage everyone to support their efforts to tell the stories of these long forgotten heroes.

FoxForce #5

Lucky Comics – $2.00 print/$0.75 Digital

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