It is becoming easier than ever to start trading Forex. Chances are that you have heard of this as a way to becoming fully financially independent with just a few hours of trades a week. If you’ve dabbled in Forex for a while, you know that it is not this simple. Starting out, you will soon realize that the free articles and videos you find on the web are not helpful. What do you do to improve your toolkit as a Forex trader? You get a Forex trading coach. Consider this to be the “Forex Tutor – everything you need to know” guide.

 The Basics of Forex Trading Coach Services

Forex tutor, Forex trading coach, Forex mentor, they all mean the same thing. As the name suggests, a forex tutor is someone who has a deep understanding of the ins and outs of the Forex market. They can provide you with a comprehensive explanation on how to analyze the market, how to set up your trades, etc. Most importantly, they should be able to provide a personalized approach to accommodate your learning style.

Speaking of learning style, the course materials should be more than just walls of text. It should contain video lessons or even livestream lessons so you can ask your mentor questions directly. Some mentors also have proprietary and effective trading systems that simplify the whole process.

Responsiveness is also important. Your mentor should be able to respond to your questions quickly, but this can be problematic due to time zones. In fact, differences in time zone can hamper time-sensitive services, especially livestream lessons. So, you should choose a mentor who lives close enough to you that the time difference is not a problem.

What makes an excellent Forex tutor is experience and accomplishments. This can be difficult to find nowadays. The Forex education market is filled with scammers who claim to know what they are doing, but they are actually failed traders looking to make a quick buck from newbies. A quick Google search will prove whether the Forex tutor is actually legitimate.

Some renowned Forex mentors have a plethora of testimonials from their previous students to prove that their methods are effective, which cannot be faked. Some even made an appearance in various public events. Most importantly, they are willing to give you a glimpse into their secrets. Many top-level Forex coaches have free samples of their lessons that you can download and learn from without spending any money. From there, you can determine whether you should enrol in their courses. Even if you don’t, the free material is already invaluable in helping you become a better Forex trader.

Finding the right Forex mentor is crucial to your success. You can learn so much in a short time so that you can get started making effective and profitable trade as soon as possible. The price for such mentorship can be a bit steep for some mentors, but the return on investment is infinite. The knowledge you gain will be with you for life and you can make a lot more money than you spent on a legitimate tutor. So, try not to skimp on your expenses here.

That said, it is also worth looking around before you commit your time and money to any Forex mentor. They specialize in different kinds of traders. Some provide lessons for technical traders and others for day traders. It helps to know what kind of trader you are before diving in.

Also, learning from only one mentor might not be enough. The Forex market is unpredictable and everyone interprets the market and sets up their strategies differently. Forex mentors also have different methods of trading Forex and some work better than others in a given situation. Gaining various insights and perspectives from different Forex mentors can help you spot good trading opportunities and make better trade decisions.

Top Forex Coaches

To save you a bit of time and trouble, we will discuss some of the best Forex coaches here and you can decide which course to enrol in. Consider this to be the trading coach review of all the top Forex mentors on the market today.

The first is AsiaForexMentor. AFM is based in Singapore and provides trading lessons not just for Forex, but their strategies also work for pretty much every market, be it commodities, stocks, etc. What makes AFM exceptional is that you can get a free sample of their course which contains valuable information on how to trade Forex and also give you an idea of what you would get from the full course. In addition, AFM students can also tune in to see the mentor, founder, and renowned trader Ezekiel Chew trading live every week. He would elaborate his rationale behind his trading decisions, and students can trade alongside him. Basically, students get to learn the theories and practice them, making their Forex trading course a very value-packed package.

Next up is The Forex Trading Coach. It consists of three main Forex coaches: Andrew, Paul, and Mikalai, all of whom have proven experience and success in the market. These three coaches are based in different countries for worldwide coverage. Andrew in particular is the Forex Trading Coach NZ branch. They provide various lessons to help you become a more effective Forex trader. You can find some of The Forex Trading Coach PDF books to download for free if you are unsure if you should enroll in their courses. But that is not all. There are other materials on The Forex Trading Coach free download and view which should help in your Forex career. They also provide one on one trading coach services and many other services.

The third on the list is Forex Mentor Pro. They are also renowned for their high-quality Forex trading coach services at an affordable price. They have a large number of Forex coaches who are experts in the field with over 50 years of combined experience in the field. They make Forex trading simple with their effective systems and methodologies, guidance, video support, and more.

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