TidalWave Comics celebrates the life of Diego Maradona in a new comic book. “Tribute: Diego Maradona” will be released this week.

About his career, Americans call the game “soccer,” while the rest of the world dubs it “football.” Whatever it’s called, fans know the name while former and current players whisper it in respect for the man many consider to be the best player in world. Diego Maradona’s career was formed while he was only a child kicking a ball in the slums of Buenos Aires, Argentina, but he became a legend during the World Cup tournament in 1986 and named FIFA Player of the 20th Century alongside his childhood hero, the remarkable Pelé. His storied career is chronicled in this latest illustrated biography.

The 23-page collectible graphic novel is written by Michael Frizell, featuring art by Angel Bernuy with cover by Pablo Martinena.

“He was larger than life. One of football’s most bombastic stars, Maradona did things his way. It made his story fun to write.” Said writer Michael Frizell.

“The Tribute line of comic books tells the stories of the classic entertainers that have passed on,” says TidalWave’s publisher, Darren G. Davis “It is a way for us to honor these people who have made a difference in the world.

TidalWave has profiled people for more than twelve years using the unique storytelling properties of comic books.

TidalWave has published well-received tribute biographies of other icons such as John Lennon, Bruce Lee, Christopher Reeve, Whitney Houston, Frank Capra, Lucille Ball, David Bowie and more.

Print copies of the biography comics are available on Amazon. Digital versions are available from iTunes, Kindle, Nook, ComiXology, Kobo and wherever e-books are sold.

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