Flintlock Book Five Out Now!

The classic adventure series returns


The new 64-page collection brings back fan-favorite characters like Lady Flintlock and the Clockwork Cavalier, as well as boasting a cover from British comics legend John M. Burns.

As with previous volumes of Flintlock, the new collection features separate stories set across the eighteenth century. With historical heroes and anti-heroes as diverse as pirates, highway women, and samurai, there is something to draw in every type of reader.

Since the publication of the first volume in 2016, Flintlock has seen a new collection published each year, something only possible because of their impressive fan support and enthusiastic response. This new volume was Time Bomb’s greatest Kickstarter success so far, raising over 1400% of its original goal. Series writer Steve Tanner is delighted with its success and how it speaks to the fanbase which Flintlock has developed:

“Flintlock was conceived very much as my passion project, to tell historical adventure stories in a period I’m fascinated by, and with some genuine trepidation as to how it would be received by a wider audience. That the readership of the series continues to grow, year after year, both amazes and thrills.”

 Once again Tanner is working with several artists to bring the world of Flintlock to life. This time the team includes Gareth Sleightholme (Lady Flintlock), Carlos Angeli (Sparrowhawk), Caroline Parkinson (Onna), and Francisco Archidiacono (The Clockwork Cavalier).

Flintlock Book Five is out now from Time Bomb Comics and can be purchased at the link here: https://timebombcomics.com/product/flintlock-book-5

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