Five Star Comics Group Magazine #1 Review

Five Star Comics Magazine is a full-color, action-packed, fun-filled, magazine-sized comic. Proving that comics should be a rip-roaring, adrenaline-fueled ride.

I always look forward to new anthology comics and Five Star Comics Group Magazine is the latest with three super-hero stories featuring Rush, Baron and Knight Wolf. Rush is the focus of the issue with thirty of the forty pages devoted to his adventures in three stories. . He is a young hero with no memory of who he is or where he came from but creator Mark A. Lester gives him a sense of adventure and fun which translates well across the stories. He takes on familiar tropes from the super-hero stories that inspired him as a kid, the newsman who this he is a menace and the use of a small cosmetic item to keep your identity a secret, a gives them a gentle poke or two in the ribs. There were a couple of times I chuckled as I was reading and really was sad to see the story end.

There was also a three page Baron story which may or may not be related to the Rush story; the Rush story did not have any indication of being over when the Baron story started so they may eventually tie in together. The third story featured Knight Wolf and was a three pager. I could not really get a handle on the character in such a small sample so I will reserve judgment but the rest of the issue made me more than excited to see the next issue of the series. For ninety-nine cents, this is a no-brainer for super-hero fans who are looking for a bit of fun.

Five Star Comics Group Magazine #1

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