Being able to watch movies together is a huge part of any lasting relationship, and films themed after comic books are among the titles that can make any date more exciting.

Forget about the idea that comic books are just for kids – there are plenty of amazing graphic novels that are intended for adults. Since some of them have been turned into high-budget films, you can watch your favorite stories either alone or with a special person. If you are having a date night with your long-term partner or just wonder what to do with someone you met through a singles website, putting on a good movie based on a famous comic book could be the winning move.

To help you decide which movie to play, here are some safe suggestions that will make a good impression on even the greatest comic book nerds:

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy

There are countless superhero movies out there, but none is cuter than this wacky story about a group of intergalactic misfits who are the only thing that stands between the universe and destruction. With plenty of lovable characters, fabulous visual effects, dynamic action, and engaging storylines, the film will draw you in and quickly make you a fan. If your date happens to enjoy this experience, there are several sequels you can watch on future occasions when you are hanging out.

  1. Wonder Woman

Speaking of interesting superheroes here is another great example of this genre that works well on a date. This 2017 hit is equal parts smart and entertaining, and it features a female protagonist that’s really hard not to like. Even women who don’t endorse violence will easily identify with the Amazon warrior gifted with amazing powers, while guys will certainly enjoy the adrenaline rush this movie delivers. In other words, this is the perfect compromise that will keep everyone happy.

  1. V for Vendetta

If you want to show more sophisticated taste, picking the film that inspired all those Guy Fawkes masks is the thing to do. This 2005 classic tells a story about a rebel in a dystopian society, using all the vintage elements of a good graphic novel. It has a film noir feel and features enough plot twists to keep you on edge from start to finish. Some of its deeper themes form a great basis for a conversation with your date partner that can help you understand them and their social attitudes a bit better.

  1. Immortal

Directed by the esteemed graphic novel author Enki Bilal, this futuristic story about an ancient Egyptian deity remains just as visually impressive today as when it was first released in 2004. The mix of thematic elements works surprisingly well, twisting the boundaries of the genre and stimulating the viewer’s imagination. The motif of love is deeply ingrained into the plot, so while the movie isn’t exactly romantic, it still makes for a great pick when you are looking for something to watch with your partner.

  1. Joker

There are many movies from the Batman franchise that could easily earn a spot on this list, but Joker goes a step further and delivers much more than just a screen adaptation of a comic book. Following the backstory of Gotham’s fiercest villain, this movie touches on a number of subjects, from mental health to social justice. For those who are serious fans of this franchise, this movie represents the pinnacle of the series and an opportunity to see the events from the opposite vantage point.

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