Fish Lee’s GreenZone:Life in the Blocks

In a world where anyone could be born with superpowers, genomes are viewed as walking weapons… supervillains waiting to happen. Cast out of society and forgotten, they are forced into Greenzones, and packed into super powered ghettos called “the Blocks”. The only hope for a better life is the Genome Citizenship Accords of 1968 which state “any genome that proves their worth by serving the greater good for a period of no less than five consecutive years, may earn their citizenship, right to vote, and right to own property…”   So, if you want to claw your way out of the blocks, and get a chance for a better life, you have to risk it all in either the military, fire department, or the police force. This is the story of three new recruits to the police force on their first shift in the G-unit.

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