First Look: Tarot#139: The Cursed Swordsman…

Tarot, Witch of the Black Rose…takes a walk on the Dark side.
Happy Winter Solstice to You All!

Today we reveal Tarot in the NEW year!
Jim has created a new look and adventures that will have Tarot, seeing in a new way…

“The Goddess presents Tarot with a new sword and reveals a dreadful warning of a Powerful Cursed Swordsman to a dead god !

This new Adversary is not only a threat to the existence of the Swordmaiden…but to the Mortal World and the Realm beyond the Mist as well!

Raven Hex is the first to fight him… it is her darkest hour!”

Yes, the story is darker and our heroes have to face the Shadows to find the light once more!

Blessed You from Jim & I
Lady Holly

This Collection will Include Both Editions of Cover A and Cover B, the Art Print & the photo Cover
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art print included


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Tarot #139 in Stores April 2023

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